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Sunday, July 21, 2013

life around here: day #21

 The weather around here has been really strange this summer...very volatile (it hailed last night!!) I have been taking advantage of the sunny days. Every opportunity finds us outside...Tara with her magnifying glass, looking at all sorts of things and me...feeling the grass on my bare feet...listening to Bob Marley, reading a book or cloud watching. Sometimes we go to our backyard or...pack up a picnic lunch and head out the door.

 This is my gorgeous sweet girl...growing up in leaps and bounds. She has a confidence and air about her that I still don't possess. Love!!!

 There's a tea festival coming here friends!!!! A tea festival!!!!

 This about tells the story of Tim and Tara's relationship right here...

  Photowalks have become  a daily practice for me...just grab my camera, be present and mindful...and go! It really allows me to focus on this moment...and all the beauty and joy around me.

Been getting healthy over here, friends! My new schedule-wake up at 5 a.m. Mon-Fri to work out (cardio, core exercises on the ball, knee strengthening and yoga), then coffee and blog/computer stuff. Having super healthy/delish smoothies for breakfast (almond milk, tons of spinach, protein powder, frozen fruit, flax seed, and just discovered this right here) ... then... my day with Tara begins!

 Been doing a lot of writing in my journal. I want to find me way back to morning pages...but just can't fit it into my schedule these days...I mean...I don't want to wake up at 4!!! But still...finding lots of time to write throughout the day. Just focusing on joy, opening my heart + mind, being present...and growth!!! That's my life around here.
*update on my blog challenge: Okay! Some days I really wonder...whatintheblazeswasithinking???? but...most days I actually look forward to writing a post. Even those days (and there are many!!) where I wonder what on earth am I going to write about...if I give myself a manages to flow.

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