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Friday, June 21, 2013

checking in with my word for the year

When I picked out my word for the year (dare!!) I was deeply influenced by this book right here and thought the word would guide me in doing more, accomplishing more, dare more...more more more!!!  What I am discovering so far is that this word has shown up in my life in quite the opposite way...but exactly in the way I need!!! Isn't it amazing how the Universe works??? So far...I am leaning into the wisdom of daring to do ...less!!! I am daring to relax, to take more time for me, for getting back to center.

I am daring to be seen. To be vulnerable (so so difficult for me, this one!!!), to be mySELF, to not apologize for who I am. So many times...we lose ourselves (in bits + pieces that add up over time) along the way. I am daring to stop...and gather those pieces, put them back together; repair + replenish. I am daring to shine...not by doing anything spectacular...but simply by being me!!! A few years ago...I never would have dared to even walk down the path of "I am enough"....but now it feels comfortable. It feels like I can stop doing so much ("hustling for worthiness" as Dr. Brene Brown says) and I can just enjoy the present moment.

"There are two ways to live your life.
One is as though nothing is a miracle.
The other is as though everything is a miracle."
                                                         -Albert Einstein
More and more...I am beginning to appreciate  the daily miracles in our lives. I am daring to be...
Halfway through the year and this is what my word has revealed itself in my life. Did you pick  a word for the year? What has it revealed to you?

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patty said...

I love this, Soraya!! Love how it is turning out in just the right way for you, even though it's different than you thought, because you stayed open to possibility! I posted a while ago about my journey with "intention", also different than I thought! I do find that the words start to build on each other over the years as you choose them. Definitely a journey.