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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

date nights!!!!

 Before Tara came along, one of our favorite things to do was go on dates!! Even after Tim and I got married...we would plan out special things to do...dinner, movies, walks on the beach, riding Tim's motorcycle. But after we became much of that changed!!!Our lives became filled up with baby and toddler ...I became a total homebody. In truth...while I love the way our days are filled up now...I miss those times of chatting and relaxing and spontaneous fun stuff!!! And a lot of times...Tim and I are both so exhausted at the end of the day...all we want to do is collapse into bed. So recently (since Tara is gaining more independence) Tim and I have been fitting in a few dates.

 It's even better now than we first got married!!! First of all...I so appreciate the simplicity of a simple conversation without all the chatter and interruptions:) And a glass of wine....hits the spot after a super long and tiring day. plus...Tim and I have so much history now...we simply marvel at all the time that has passed, all the things we've been through...and we talk about our collective and individual hopes and dreams for the future. And...of course...a lot of our talks are about Tara!! All the funny, cool, smart things she said or we miss her being there with us!! fast she's growing up.

Mostly though...just reveling in the present...staying focused on the magic of the now ...and enjoying each other.

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