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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

lazy summer days (part 2)

 I just can't seem to get out of these lazy summer days over I decided to embrace them, savor them and sink into the deliciousness of them!  Of course...they're not really lazy because...well, keeping up with Tara is no small feat:) But she's growing by leaps and bounds in every possible way and I am part proud mamma, part incredulous bystander and part teacher. Savoring it all.

 I have also been going on tons of photowalks (something I learned from Vivienne McMaster's Be Your Own Beloved class I took last month). It's amazingly spiritual and an awesome tool for self portraiture. I am discovering that it allows me to be fully focus on what's right there; trees below...basking in the radiance of the NOW.

 Been eating (mostly) healthy delish meals too. Finding that being present allows me to be satisfied with less food...tasting and appreciating every single morsel.

Been doing tons of reading...loving the laid back summer days where I can indulge myself with words and poems and pages of  nourishment.

 We celebrated Father's Day with so much appreciation. Since Tara was born...even though Tim has had to be away so much for work, he has always always always managed to be there in every way for us. Going through tremendous hardships and making every effort to be the great dad he is. I grew up without any of that (I can so relate to this post right here...I didn't write it but in so many ways, I could have) and appreciate the wonderful daddy my daughter has that much more. Thanks honey...for all you do, for all you are.

 Been experimenting  a bit in my studio...creating backgrounds...using new art supplies.

And this is a painting Tara did a few days ago. Loving her happy colors and stamping and thick drips of juicy paints.

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