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Wednesday, November 14, 2012


(I saw this gorgeous message over the weekend)
"…that many things …propose… and bring creative life, healing, ideas, innovations, inventions, and solutions, to real down-to-earth issues and challenges. And these actually come out of the dark, from out of nowhere, seemingly, they come from over your shoulder. They come from just out of the corner of your eye. They come from the unconscious; they come from the part of the psyche that stores not just quirks and oddities and forgotten shreds of memory and so forth, but also stores of great gifts… insight, intuition, knowledge, that some people would call uncanny only because it doesn’t appear to come from the forefront of the mind. "-Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Mother Night
Living on the edges  is lonely...very difficult and can be overwhelming. On the fringes of society, our families and even...our very SELVES. But as I am listening to Mother Night (another amazing work by Dr. Estes)...I am reminded of the value in being an outsider. I am reminded of the fact that so many many of us are, in fact, outsiders. Dancing on the very edges; that's where we receive our gold. Our messages come from this place of...lost dreams and lost selves. Where do we get our ideas from? Anywhere and everywhere as long as we are open to it...maybe a line  in a book somewhere, an old photograph or journal ..or maybe a piece of art, a blog post I read this morning...a conversation with a friend.
I am remembering dreams I had (long forgotten or given up on) and making my way back to them. These dreams that were born in hope or fear or love or...even loss. I am going to give them space to breathe, write them down and see if they have wings to fly. Listening to the messages that are coming to me from everywhere these days.


birds sing artblog said...

ooh i got goosebumps reading that! maybe the silence is essential to hear these far flung messages, maybe the best work only comes from a womb space where deep introspection is possible...i painted my best when i had fewer friends, sad but true! i painted a space i needed, where i had less agoraphobia and more free wheeling creativity, and now i live a happier and busier life, i can't get back down into that purer, more intense place...i also have the technical/medical issues, but i know my head isn't as focussed as it was then...
saluting your process!
hugs xx

Jacqueline said...

Helloo there!! So happy to be back on blogland and visiting!! Your inspiring post never failed to inspire me! Thanks so much for sharing. Have a lovely merry happy week! Love to you!