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Friday, November 9, 2012

over the moon

A few things that are inspiring me, putting a smile on my face, opening up my heart and have me over the moon these days:
* this post right here! I love this poem (printing it and putting it up on my studio wall!) and agree with everything Dee says! If you are an artist/writer/seeker/creative being/lover of life...just read it! My fave part? How creating brings us closer to ourSELVES (truth/we are enough/see me true) and how consumerism takes us away from our true selves.
* President Obama routes the electoral map and wins re-election in a landslide!! Dear America: I am so proud of you...for going forward and voting a resounding NO!!! to exclusion politics. Not only that...but now there are a record number of Dem. female senators!!!
* getting back to writing. Wrapping myself up in words and rhymes. Using words to climb heights within mySELF, to open doors that have been locked, to sing songs of hope + heart + pain. It all matters!

* I bought this book off Amazon thinking it was more of a nuts and bolts guide to writing turned out to be quite the opposite and...exactly what i need!!! I love it when that happens, don't you?? If you are looking to deepen your self + life and relationships...I totally recommend this book. It's so much more than a guide to's prayer/meditation/inner wisdom via writing. Can't say enough about it!
* Loving the crisp bright days over here. Listening to the wind howling outside the windows, sunshine pouring through bare branched trees, going for walks all bundled up. We are on the cusp on winter over here...but the days are still fairly warm.
* with 2 (!!!) storms devastating the east has been heartwarming to see people helping out...raising money, donating to the Red Cross and volunteering their time. With so much focus on the country being's nice to see people coming together, reaching out and helping complete strangers.

* when we were in Canada I picked up a book of stunning Ganesha painting postcards; each one exquisite and delicious. Loving them and appreciating Indian art ; the grace + history and symbolism.
*loved reading this wise post here . How our personal hurricanes demolish + rebuild us, eliminate some relationships while birthing new ones...and how we rise from the ashes. Absolutely true!
* Tim and Tara eating popcorn and watching movies (Mulan is Tara's absolute fave. right now!). It warms my heart to hear them giggling and sharing secrets.
* reading this post put wings on my feet. The words + images sparked  a fire. "We must have the stubbornness to accept our gladness in the ruthless furnace of this world.... " - Jack Gilbert
Hope you all have a great (long) weekend! xxx

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ArtPropelled said...

Hi Soraya! It's lovely to read your inspirational post. Writing Down Your Soul is on my wish list. Thanks so much for the mention..... and now to catch up with your posts. xox