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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

remember your dreams

I came across this sign in the window the other day...and I felt it was a huge reminder to me ...and to so many of us. Once we become moms and have families to take care; little ones who need us and are so utterly dependent...we may put our dreams on the back burner. Oh! Only until they go off to school or!!
For me...things were entirely different in so many ways. Maybe it was because I became a mom the very same month I turned 40 (!!!) but I started pursuing my dreams much more after Tara was born. There was just something about becoming a mother that made me more ambitious about my art. That made me feel that I want to do work that I am proud of and that would speak to Tara long after am gone. Work that I'm proud of and that she would be proud of one day too. All of  a sudden my mortality became a stark reality. I am not going to be here forever; none of us are. I realised that "one day" was not a possibility anymore only "right now". And becoming a mom gave me the courage to be vulnerable. My family needed me to be real, authentic, strong and...vulnerable. I needed it too. Becoming a mom opened up all of my locked dreams.

 I wanted to deeply speak my truth, paint from my heart and have her be proud of her mommy. I also knew how important it was for her to see me pursuing my dreams + passions Because  one day I want her to do the same; whatever they may be. I never saw any dichotomy between family and work. I never felt that I had to pick between one or the other. It is all an act of deep love and faith; a belief in what's truly important in life. There are so many times (actually, almost every single day!!) when I am exhausted after a long day of taking care of Tara but I still go into my studio. It's an act of love and passion  that I consider myself very fortunate to have in my life.
So dear soul: whoever you are, wherever you are remember remember remember
* to take care of yourSELF
* to follow your heart
* to believe in yourSELF remember your dreams. They may be lost, hidden or tucked away safely somewhere. But remembering them is the first step to achieving them . xxx
P.S. Tara had her very first gymnastics class today and she absolutely loved it!! (Can you tell from the pic??) My heart spilled over with mamma love and pride to see her. I want her to have every opportunity to excel at what she loves and is good at. No boxes to put her in because of her gender or or or. Not any of that for my Tara.

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scrapwordsmom said...

You are just awesome and your words spoke to me today!!!!