My He(ART)-Full Life

Sunday, August 26, 2012


*I have been getting in tons of painting time in my studio lately. I am inspired and slightly obsessed with painting/creating/experimenting. Picked up a whole bunch of paints lately...colors I normally don't use and also picked up some color samples from Home Depot (!!) to try out. Anything goes!
* I was supposed to try my hand at clay doll making this summer but it just never happened! I had every intention but...summer just slipped away.
* I am also obsessed with making cushions (after all, it's pretty much the only thing I can sew!!). Tim's going to wonder why we have a gazillion of them (tee hee hee). I also have been having fun at turning some of Tara's old dresses into skirts. Just cut the top part off, hem, add a bow or something and..there you go:)
* I had every intention of reopening my Etsy store months and months ago but it just never happened. Is it the last week of August already?? Anyways...I am hoping to have it up and running soon. definitive date yet:)

* absolutely delighted that I get to be Tara's mom. Every single day is an adventure!  She's got such a sassy sense of humor, is full of life + laughs and has such a little personality, let me just tell you:)
* I start P.T. on my knee tomorrow. It has really slowed me down these past weeks so I am hoping to get it stronger these next many weeks. Fingers crossed.
* I have been so sleep deprived lately but in a good kinda' way. Inspired and creating in my studio till all hours of the night. Need that morning coffee to get me going!
* it's amazing what a simple phone call can do to lift your spirits. This morning I had a wonderful conversation with a dear friend and was gifted with a fresh perspective of things that left my heart singing with gratitude all day. Thank you sweet Jane xxx


ArtPropelled said...

Enjoy your painting while you are on a roll. It must be a good feeling. Be gentle with that knee!Fingers and toes crossed. Hugs for sweet Tara.

patty said...

I know I have said it before... Tara is getting so big!! (and I know you know that too...) Sounds like things are moving forward on lots of levels for you. Can't wait to see what you are painting!

Kelly said...

Oh my! Where have I been? Tara has grown so much, and what a beautiful little girl she is turning into. I've missed talking to you! Sounds like you are bursting with inspiration and creativity! :) XO