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Sunday, August 19, 2012

i heart weekend getaways

I heart weekend getaways. open roads. no agenda. lots of naps. and tea. and wandering around. no schedules. light reading. summer.

We drove out to Boulder this weekend...and I absolutely love it there!!! Lots and lots of yoga studios everywhere (reminds me of Ca.) and tons of teahouses and meditation studios. art galleries. coffee shops. Tibetan prayer flags blowing in the wind. Tiny little stores filled to the brim with handmade soaps or silver jewellery.

I went to Anthropolgie and...fell in love!!! If I had a gazillion dollars...I would buy up everything in there!! And I mean everything!!! I was so inspired ...

Like...look at this gorgeous chandelier. It's simply wooden rings and tassels. So lovely. And doable on  a smaller scale (I think!).

And I fell in love with all the pottery and those to die for ruffly curtains. looks like a skirt but...they are super frilly curtain panels! Swoon.

Tara was fascinated with the huge trees outside our windows...there were tons of birds flitting in and out that kept her interested for hours. She is fascinated with all animals but especially loves monkeys, penguins and birds.

I tried a Bhakti Chai for the first time ...delicious. Very spicy...I think ginger + cardamom? Not quite sure. But if you get a chance...try it!! Going to be unpacking, doing laundry, cleaning up my studio (it's  a mess!!) tomorrow. But so much to back soon!


Meegan, Blue Moon Mama said...

Love road trips! Love anthropologie!!

Wini said...

Dear Sorayah, I just wanted to say Hello. I am sorry that I have been so bad at keeping in touch. How are you? I hope you are well. I really enjoyed reading your last few blog posts especially the story about the singer. Thank you for sharing that. Great to hear that you had a lovely time in Boulder. It sounds like a wonderful city! Hope you are feeling relaxed and recharged now. Take care, Wini xo

laurie said...

i used to live in boulder and love going back to visit! so glad you had a nice road trip up there. i am putting aside the whole day on saturday to clean and organize my studio/craft room - what a job! i will be thinking of you and your own project. :-)