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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

my studio right now

Right before I got this awful virus...I was in the middle of setting up my studio. Parts of it look completely done and other parts are a huge mess!! It exhausted me just to walk in there today!! There is just so much to do...I don't have the energy for it right now...but I am always planning things out in my head. LOL
This huge (I think it's 24" x 30") acrylic painting is a still life (called Apples + Bowl) I did many many years's kind of strange to see it now after it being packed away for so long. I love the ordinary beauty of the
still life, though, and have done quite few of them over the years. The wooden statues are African (I think from Ghana)...both pairs were gifted to me a long, long, long time ago by a sweet lady named Bernie.

This is a scrap piece of fabric (from Ikea) I had leftover from  a project...I just love the graphic quality + the lines so I framed it.
This gorgous wooden chest was actually in Tara's nursery in our last place...but we didn't really need it here so I am going to repaint it (one day!!) and maybe change out the hardware. can see some of my clutter + mess in this pic!!
This is a watercolor portrait I did (also...many years ago) called Man In Orange's probably going to hang up on the wall eventually.

Lots + lots of sketchbooks, journals, notebooks, creative mags etc etc.

Eeek...more mess + clutter!! But this corner is eventually going to turn into my reading/writing/thinking corner...I have to get a sofa. Plus...I also need curtains...the Indian patchwork ones I had in my last studio don't fit here.  Oh! And I am also going to have a coffee/tea station in this are too:)

That bookshelf you see out in the hallway has to, uh...somehow, find it's way into my studio too!!!

Aren't these containers too cute??? I picked a few up at Ikea...they are actually plant pots but are perfect for all sorts of things in my studio.  Thanks so much for looking at my studio..if you have any ideas...please let me know:)
*I am feeling a little better each day but...not completely well yet. Trying not to do too much all at once.


jane said...

Loved getting to peak into your studio, Soraya...made me feel close to you for a bit! You are making great progress...I think you need a bulletin board to pin up art and colors and other fun stuff! Miss you! xo

SooZeQue said...

Give yourself a break my dear! Get better - one thing at a time - you know you'll get it done..... sometime! I have a room upstairs that looks why worse than anything I've seen here - I hate going up there trying to purge/arrange/arrange/and arrange somemore. I just shut the door and pretend it doesn't exist. Love the watercolor face!

Meegan, Blue Moon Mama said...

Love your still life! The light & colors are beautiful. I'm really partial to still life paintings, particularly of flowers. Your studio is really coming along! I'm so glad your starting to feel better. We're beginning to recover here as well. I hope to have a new blog post up later this week. I have A LOT I want to write about. So many plans are on our horizon right now.