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Friday, February 17, 2012

inspired by...

(my inspiration progress)
* this month's O mag. It's all about de-cluttering. Man! Do I ever need to get rid of stuff...I have stuff in my closet I am never going to wear!! Ever!
* The series of posts over here...all about self-care. So need to read (and apply!!) this deep + healing wisdom.
* This workbook here that I picked up at the thrift store...all about infusing our lives with simplicity + creating space for the new.
* Robyn Gordon of Art Propelled...I did an amazing interview with her that I am going to post soon....I have been reading and re-reading it to glean all  I can about how this brilliant + amazing artist works.
* love love love these freakin' amazing photos from Bekwith & Fisher. I am a huge huge fan of their work...fell in love instantly + a long time ago.
* So proud of this amazing Canadian her work + her words!!
* Indian silks. Love the colors + combinations and workmanship. Love!!!
* Adele!!!
I hope you all have a  wonderful weekend...wherever you your corner of the world.


patty said...

Oh boy, lots of great inspiration! Did you know Vivienne is one of my scarf sisters from the Unearth retreat? (also where I met Kelly Rae) It seems you are feeling a bit better.... YAY for that!!

Sophie Munns said...

Decluttering is what Ive been trying to do too Soraya. Look forward to your post on the wonderful Robyn... and seeing more of your projects.
Seems like you lost a bit of time when you became sick.. hope you are well again now.
May 2012 bring much to gladden your heart!

Briana, MA said...

HI Soraya,
I love your inspiration board and the links you posted, too. Thanks for sharing what you've been up to. Good luck on the decluttering. I need to do that, too! Ug!