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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Tara's "pretty in pink" nursery (Ca.), tips/DIY

I had been meaning to write this post forever ago...and since Tara's nursery is getting all packed away this weekend...I wanted to share these ideas/tips/DIY/pics with you. I tried to make make her nursery safe, pretty and functional...stimulating but not too much so. Her nursery in Virgina was more subdued...and babyish compared to this one. Tara was a bit more involved in the decorating of this room...she loves pink!! I got rid of the obviously baby stuff and added a few new things. I didn't paint on the walls or anything because we were just here for a I added things like blankets, Tara's art and wall adhesives to bring some personality to the room. All of the furniture is mismatched; the rocking chair and crib were brand new when we bought it but the other pieces are vintage.

 Light just pours in through the window...and this is the perfect spot to read, cuddle or hang out. I love those bright, cheery curtains (they are the same ones I had in her old nursery)...I picked them up at Wal-Mart and they transform the whole room in  a second!! . I did that huge painting over her reads "she has a heart-full of hope and a pocket-full of dreams

This is a painting that Tara and I worked on...I framed it and it hangs above her rocking chair. The cheerful circles are wall adhesives that are fun and easy to remove.

A tea canister that I use as a vase. I love it that in Ca. I can just walk out the back door and pick  a few roses anytime I want!! I always try to keep some fresh flowers in her room.

This was such simple project and is probably one of Tara's fave things in her nursery. I made this banner by cutting out triangles from patterned paper, punched holes on each side of the top end, threaded it with pretty ribbon and hung it up. It took me about 15. mins from start to finish! It really brightens up a room. So fun and playful.

I bought this hand embroidered piece of fabric from an antique store for a was actually a table runner. I then made it into a little pillow for Tara and ...she adores it!!

This here is a handmade bookend that I have had since I was ...about 20!! I saw it in an Indonesian art store back when I was in university and had to have it. I never imagined it would one day end up in my little girls' room...mommy and baby!!

Another vintage old bottle. I turned it into a magic "believe" bottle by adding some words and dressing it up a little. Tara and I have lots of fun making up all sorts of stories about hopes, dreams and what happens when we believe.

Since I am already cooking up ideas for Tara's nursery in our new home...I wanted to share few a tips I have learned along the way.
*Safety, safety, safety. This is always the number one priority above all else. I try to get down to Tara's height and see if there are things I have missed (cords, sharp edges, etc etc)
*I try to pick three main colors and go with it. In this nursery it is about 60% pink, 25% yellow and the rest is neutral (whites and creams). I want the room to be bright and cheerful but also soothing; not too loud and distracting.
* I create a few mood boards with different color, fabric and texture combinations to see what works. This makes things so much easier when you actually go to decorate. I also write down ideas and do sketches in my journal so I don't forget!
* When purchasing big ticket items, I go for quality and keep in mind what can grow with Tara.

* Decorating doesn't have to be expensive!! Antique/vintage finds, children's art work, using things you already have in new ways...all go a long way.
* the easiest and cheapest way to transform a room is with paint. But if that in not practical (say you are renting etc) then curtains, artwork and blankets/linens/cushions perk up a space in a minute!!
** I picked these books up at the library and they are amazing. love!!
-Kids' Rooms Decorating Ideas and Projects (Better Homes and Gardens)
-The New Smart Approach to Kids Rooms- Megan Connely
-Simple Solutions Kids' Spaces-Coleem Cahill
Thanks so much for looking!! And if you have any of your own ideas you would like to share...I would love to read them!


jane said...

What a dream room for Tara...lucky girl!

Kelly said...

Beautiful! I love your art work in her room, and I adore that pillow you made from vintage fabric. I have never liked sewing on a machine, but so many project have been calling me lately. Macy has a machine, and I am always asking her to sew stuff for me. :)

Carola Bartz said...

Tara's room is very cheerful - I like it a lot. Good luck on your move!

lisa said...

Soraya, this is just beautiful!!

Jen @Sadie Inspired said...

Oh, how sweet is this. I love the colors and the beautiful artwork. I am sure you will have a great time creating a special place for Tara in your new home. I hope all the packing is going well. I know it can be tons of work. I am so excited for you & your family. I am just sad that we never got a chance to art together since you are so close. But, maybe someday and some fabulous art retreat. :)

SooZeQue said...

Tara's a lucky little girl to have so much creativity to grow with. She may not realize it now, but as she's older she will certainly look back and know how much her mom taught her, loved her, believed in her. A valued lesson she will cherish always I'm sure of it.