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Sunday, February 12, 2012

getting better...slowly

(Tara watching the birds from our kitchen window...this morning)
It has been a slow + difficult week over here but I am finally just starting to feel a little better. Like so many moms...I suck at self care!! I say I'm going to take better care of myself just tends to get pushed to the back burner until I am forced to. This past week I have been going to bed at 8:30 (!!!) with Tara, drinking lots of hot chocolate (with whole milk) and just resting. Ever since I became a mom...I have never felt more vulnerable, humbled or as dependent on the kindness of strangers...but especially when I'm sick. It just kinda' hits you really hard...being completely responsible for the care of your child + being sick and having to rest too. And thank you all so much for your concern and well-wishes. xxx
****On another (very sad) note...I just found out that Whitney Houston died. I grew up with her music and have always been in complete awe of her. So so sad that this gorgeous, talented + gifted woman couldn't fight her demons. Isn't it strange how so many otherwise brilliant women make such poor choices in men? I watched her on an Oprah interview after her divorce where she spoke of the private humiliation and abuse she went through in her was just heartbreaking to watch. I think, sometimes, when we see these very rich/famous/beautiful/talented people...we tend to forget that underneath all of that are human beings. With hearts + sufferings + vulnerabilities like us all. May you be at peace, now, dear soul.


jane said...

I'm very glad to hear that you are getting better, friend...I've been worried about you...don't start doing jumping jacks quite yet! Take the time to mend slowly. xo jane

Lis said...

yes - take it nice and slow! enjoy more hot chocolate moments and snuggle in ... it IS winter and the season is one of rest and renewal!

xo Lis

patty said...

Oh, me too (worried about you!) Sounds like the worst is over.... I hope so!! Hopefully you will hold on to some of those self-care practices!

Meegan, Blue Moon Mama said...

So glad to hear you're getting better! All for of us have been fighting a stomach virus for the past 4 days so I understand what you are going thru. It's nearly impossible to take care of yourself when your loved ones need you so much and it's easy to get run down. Take it very easy and REST dear friend!

Kelly said...

I suck at taking care of myself too. I need to get better at that. I missed you! Glad to hear you are on the mend. :)