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Sunday, January 8, 2012

my word for 2012

(my journal entry from yesterday)
I wasn't going to pick any specific word for this year but then I started reading a few of my fave blogs and I felt deeply moved to choose a word of my own. I was especially inspired by Patty's post right here where she  talked about the intention behind choosing a word and how it becomes a deeply ingrained part of our lives. So...looking through all of my most recent journal pages I keep on coming to this word right here...OPEN. It's a humble word and...maybe it doesn't have a lot of flash and pizazz deeply deeply speaks to me right now. And I am listening. I wholehearted claim this word for 2012!!

For far too many years (okay...most of my life!!)...I was closed to life and to mySELF. Why?? So many reasons...thick and heavy; fears, insecurities, shame, blame. The deep feeling that I had nothing important to say or share. The fear of failure and humiliation + of not living up to my unrealistic expectations. That no-one would want to listen. That I was not enough. So there I was, sitting at the edge of my life, a spectator rather than an active participant or creator. I was simply letting life happen to me. All of that radically changed when I gave birth!!! Here was life full blown and in my face. No more shrinking away from any of it. I intuitively knew that my life would never be the same. I was deconstructed in a moment and the reconstruction has been going on ever since!
(too short bangs that need to grow out-I cut them myself!!)
But now I want to be open, open, open!!! To all of life's experiences...the whole shebang!!' To opportunity, risk + possibility. I want to open my heart even more than I ever thought possible. All of my old + locked away stories need to be set free; in my art + in my my life. I want to break wide open-wider than I ever thought possible so that I can hold more deeply this life of mine. So I can touch the possibility + grace that lies within me...that is there waiting for us in every sacred moment.
I want to open up my wings So there you have it, dear friends, that's my word for 2012. Do you have one?


laurie said...

open seems like a perfect word for you. living in a new place you will have so many opportunities to open up to all it has to offer. also, this year you will be open to the continued journey your art takes you and what being a mom to a preschool age child will require. here's to a full and wonderful and wide open year!

Briana, MA said...

What a beautiful reason to become open. I love your word.
My word this year is BELIEVE. You can read more about my choice on my blog

Carola Bartz said...

Open sounds like a good word - and good for you from what you've written. Have a great 2012, Soraya.

Jen @Sadie Inspired said...

Oh, I love how your word just came to you! I was feeling the same way as you - not really sure about "having" a word. But, I have seen so many meaningful stories about claiming a word. Now I am inspired to find my own!! :) Thank you for always having such heartfelt, inspiring words to read. XOXO, Jen

ArtPropelled said...

Just perfect Soraya. Open feels right. I've been thinking about my word and havn't come to any decision yet though I read somewhere ... "drenched in possibilities" ..... and "possibilities" has remained in my mind.

Kelly said...

I LOVE that your word is OPEN, and I LOVE you too!

scrapwordsmom said...

Open is a magnificant word!! And I love how it just kept showing up in your journal. My word is STORY...It just kept showing up everywhere!!

Happy 2012.

SooZeQue said...

You've been on that "open" journey for along time and each post always opens the door just a tad bit more - so you've been true to that word for a while I think - so it's quite fitting for 2012 to fully hold on to. Finding a word for me is gonna be difficult... to many swirling now to be able to pick one.

patty said...

Soraya, I didn't really get it until I tried it (having a word, that is!) The beauty is that it is so simple - I mean, just ONE WORD!! I think you will be amazed at the power. Looking back now, I see that. I think you have chosen an awesome word and I KNOW it will move you forward on your journey!!


mansuetude said...

Open. Seems perfect. A power word Love your passion here.

I have no word this year yet. Still listening. Witnessing.