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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

a peek inside my new studio!!

This is a peek into my new studio-I just love it to pieces already-even though it's completely empty!! It is bright and cheery...full of light pouring in through huge windows. The paint color I picked is Sunbeam by Glidden. At first I thought it might be too bright but it turned out just right...the walls look sun washed. There's nothing like yellow to calm and invigorate  all at once. What do you think?? My vision for my studio is to create a place that truly reflects who I am...not too crowded...beautiful + functional. With tons and tons of art of course!!!
(Tara and I reading in bed)
I picked up a whole bunch of of them is Where Women Create to get some ideas and inspiration for my studio. It's my very first time buying this mag and can I just say that I am hooked!! It is brimming with all sorts of ideas + inspiration + stories...quotes, tips and visuals. I am in love!!  There is a heartwarming story about a  sassy + heart-full woman named Irene Beadle...who just so happens to be over 90 years young...and is still creating up a storm in her nursing home!! Love this delicious woman and her story!! One of the things she said that really struck me is that she wonders what her life would have been like if she had known how to use computers and the Internet. It really made me ever so grateful that I can blog and be a part of the art community ...I mean, how awesome is it that we are able to connect like this?? Seriously inspired by her story!!

I am in total nesting/decorating/inspiration mode these feels so good to create a home for my family full of our hearts + life. This is the home that Tara is going to grow up in so I want it to be extra special hold all of our memories. She is going to celebrate her birthdays, going off to (real!!!) school one day and ...just all of her everyday moments right here within these walls. I have so many projects swirling around...can't wait to share them with you!!
 P.S. we still have our Xmas tree up because Tara just loves looking at it. It will get put away eventually I suppose:)


Kelly said...

Love your new studio. It looks so happy! :)

scrapwordsmom said...

Oh what a lovely space!! That color is sooo me....maybe I should paint?? LOL:)

I am so happy for you and your family to finally be at HOME. What a glorious feeling.

Love and hugs...and I love Where Women Create. That older woman's story was wonderful.

Have a great day.


jane said...

I love the SUNbeam Yellow of your studio...and the's so OPEN! xo

mansuetude said...

May your Home be filled with Light and Blessings, and Joy.

Nice space! I love when sunlight hits a yellow. I need to paint (and re-organize mine.) Hmmm... :)I always end up in a different room... The possibilities.

PatH said...

Love the yellow! So warm and cozy especially with the snowy view from the windows. Thanks for sharing the paint info.

patty said...

I love everything about this - soooo glad you are happy with your studio (and your house!) and guess what - our studio walls are the same color!!

laurie said...

the yellow walls in your studio are so warm and inviting! thanks for sharing pics of your new home with us.