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Thursday, January 5, 2012

nesting + inspiration = bliss

                                                         (yesterday at the park)
Since our household goods have not arrived yet, we have tons and tons of free time!! That means plenty of afternoon naps, trips to the park, hanging out at Barnes & Noble, going to bed early, reading and relaxing. The weather here these past few days have been surprisingly warm for this time of year...most of the snow has melted and there are just patches here and there. I am actually quite disappointed because I wanted to make a snowgirl with Tara!!

                                                     (big girl Tara climbing)
I simply can't believe how big my little girl has grown!! I mean...everyone tells you how fast the time all flies by but until you actually experience's kind of hard (impossible) to grasp. She turns 3 at the end of this month and...I am just enjoying her as much as possible. While part of me is just so proud and excited to see her grow up...there's another part of me that wants to keep her my little baby girl forever. Do you know what I mean??
                                                   (a few days ago with daddy)
Okay!! Tara is a total daddy's girl...these two are inseparable. This pic was taken at our (newly discovered) fave. pizza parlor just minutes away from our house. They have a New York style pizza here that is to die for. Could be dangerous us living so close:)

(spinach and artichoke yummy)
Lots and lots of eating out these days...back to basics when we get settled in but for now...I am just enjoying it:)
Reading through this book at Barnes and Noble today and totally loving it!! Very inspired by her philosophy of using what you have and creating a home that is warm + functional + clutter free. She talks about creating beauty with old, meaningful objects and re purposing existing items in new ways. Love!!
                            (Tara curled up with a book at Barnes and Noble today)
Tara is already a bookworm which makes me ever so happy and proud. She loves playing with the train set at the bookstore but inevitably...she will grab a book and curl up with it.
And this made my heart sing right see the Winter Somerset Gallery all stacked up in the art/crafts section of the bookstore... with my name on the cover!!! Please forgive me for going on and on about it but...I still can't get over it!


Kelly said...

You're so funny. You could mention that cover every day for a year and it would still make me smile. :)

lisa said...

Tara is absolutely precious Soraya!

patty said...

Umm, I think I would be mentioning that and maybe buying lots of copies and lying them around for everyone to "accidentally" discover! I know, though, that this is only the beginning for you... then I'll be able to say I knew you when!

Love this little snapshot into your new life and so glad you are finding some excess TIME - what a gift! (may not last) - give little miss Tara a big hug for me, OK??

laurie said...

you have every right to go on and on and on about it! i sure would, if it were me. :-) so glad you are taking advantage of every moment, even if it is while waiting to get busy making a home. as a colorado girl, i have lived in many towns there and am curious about where you are. i understand completely if you don't want to make that public so don't feel obligated to tell me.

jane said...

I am just beaming proud of you for being an ARTIST in Somerset Gallery! I can't find a copy...I've looked at the bookstores around here...still I love knowing that the world is seeing your loveliness...xo

PatH said...

I haven't been able to find a copy either! I love the photo of Tara reading. So precious!

Meegan, Blue Moon Mama said...

Tara is getting so tall now and very beautiful! I know just what you mean about wishing you could keep them little. Nora turned 2 on New Year's day and she's getting so tall and slim, turning into a little girl all ready (which she informs me of regularly). No is her favorite word at the moment too. Such fun! lol I just wish I could freeze time for awhile and keep her this age a little longer.

by the way, if I were ever featured in a magazine I'd probably put the magazine on a chain and wear it around my neck as a necklace so everyone would notice it! :) You have every right to be proud and excited.

ArtPropelled said...

I see your name!!! Of course you must get excited about it Soraya. It's something to be proud of. I'm proud of you! Congratulations again!