My He(ART)-Full Life

Sunday, June 26, 2011


(journey, mixed media, archival prints available here!)

she went to a place
deep deep inside of herSELF
where  her soul could bloom
and her spirit ...soar
long more
"I am enough"
this is the journey
this is the journey


NatashaMay said...

Such a beautiful painting! Love the warm colors you use.

patty said...

Oooo - this is very pretty. I always love your dramatic colors!!

Sharmon Davidson said...

so inspirational, Soraya- both the painting and the poem. Blessings to you. :~)

Lis said...

Big sighs ...

I am returning from our second vacation, not quite ready to resume the madness ... this post reminded me of my intention to stay simple, stay present.

And I came home to a special treasure! I was too tired last night to open it, will be my reward for coming into work this morning!

xo Lis