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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

keeping it real

                                                         (a page from my art journal)
I recently read this post over here and in between laughing so hard I almost fell out of my chair  (because it's really so funny)...I also started to think because it's a very insightful post. I love posts like that...laughing + thinking = a good thing!'s all about picture perfect blogs, pristine homes and on and on. I suppose it's really easy for someone reading a blog to get the (erroneous) idea that everything is...purrr-fect!! (as if there is such a thing!)  I mean...all these pics of magazine-like vignettes and styled photos. Of course I edit and style my pics and don't post pics of dirty laundry piles or dishes in the sink (although I have seen some very artful pics of those very things!). I also tend to stay away from writing about potty training and things doesn't mean it's not happening!  Here's the deal...we are all fragile, multi-dimensional beings...flawed... and not all of that can be captured in a blog.Sure I can write in detail about all sorts of dark and  desperate places I have mentally and emotionally been in my life (we all have our share of pain and hardship that's for sure)...but unless there's a reason; I have a story or lesson to share... I generally tend to stay away from those sorts of things.
I  feel that blogs are like mirrors to who we are. If I read a blog and feel jealous/insecure/judgmental or if I feel inspired/motivated/'s just a reflection of what's going on inside of me. I really wouldn't want a pristine home (tons of work to keep it that way, you know!!) or someone else's life/art/success etc. I do get how we can compare ourSELVES to others though but again...that's our issue to face. What do you think?
I feel that one of the best things about blogs is that we can connect to our kindreds. If someone reads my blog and feels like I am babbling on about...nothing...then they probably don't connect with me and that's totally okay. We can pick and choose who we visit, who we allow into our lives, the energy we want to bring into our space. Not everyone is going to get us...and vice versa.'s quite late over here and I have had a loooong I am hoping this all makes sense somehow.

*I am taking a mini break from my blog to rest and replenish ...will be back next week! Have a great weekend!


patty said...

Oh, I really enjoyed Rice's post about blogland!! So much truth and the comments also were great. Lately I mostly just read blogs of my own friends and don't "venture out" much. It can really be like a big black hole and, yes, I have been there! Facebook, to me, also seems so much this way and I can only take it on a limited basis. I mean, sorry, I don't really care what you had for breakfast or what you just bought! Maybe I am just too old for all of that, but seriously, I would never get anything done if I kept up with it. Thanks for sharing this and have a fabulous weekend!!!

Anonymous said...

It's totally making sense...I love what you wrote here, and loved Rice's post, she always cracks me up with her honesty in your face type thing. LIke you say "Here's the deal...we are all fragile, multi-dimensional beings" true...we all know it. I try not to pretend, but also to make my choices of what, how much and in what way to reveal myself on my blog.
Great post Soraya, I like the image too..XOXOrly