My He(ART)-Full Life

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


                                                        (Nataraja and rose petals)

"Everyday life is the prayer.
How we conduct it, cherish it,
celebrate it, consecrate it.
                                          ~Sarah Ban Breathnach
Sometimes...its so easy to get covered in the dust of life. You know...the everyday routines and to-do lists, the mundane and routine aspects of living a life. A very long time ago when I lived in an ashram (I am going to get around to writing about that one of these days) ...we developed a practice of mindfulness. The practice was to be completely in the moment, no matter what you were doing...washing dishes, sweeping a floor or peeling potatoes. To become one with the action and..the Universe, really. Well...when I left the ashram, I still tried to carry pockets of that practice with me into my everyday life. It's difficult. Lately...I have been feeling that I need to get back to simplicity. Less...stuff.  Tara's nursery is overflowing much of my art stuff has found its way out of my studio and onto the kitchen table.  Things are feeling messy and cluttered and ...way too much. I am hoping for some...simplicity so I can focus on the important stuff; loving and creating and sunshine and roses. That kinda' stuff.
                                           (self portrait at 42-dancing red skirt + grass)


SooZeQue said...

As much as I purge and try to get back to simplicity I soon realize and/or hear that some thrift store is calling me back to treasure hunt. I love interesting stuff, so I fear I will truly never have "simplicity" I think I will just have a "rotating view" and only wish for simplicity when I have to move.

Jen @Sadie Inspired said...

HI Soraya! I am trying hard to simplify right now too. I feel bogged down with "stuff" - internal & external. I am glad I am not alone in that sentiment. :) I love your self portrait! Every girl should dance, barefoot in the RED! Have a happy day! XXOO

laurie said...

i, too, am trying to have less stuff. i am trying to live in the now. it is a daily practice or i completely forget! thanks for the reminder.