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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

keeping memories

(a page from my art journal)
Ever since I gave birth to Tara, it has never been more important to me to keep these memories. I want to archive, scrapbook, write down so many funny and amazing things she says everyday...but where is the time? So recently.... ...I am combining art + journaling + scrapbooking elements into my sketchbook pages. I use a Canson Montval all- media sketch book (You can also find them at Barnes and Noble for around $20). They are seriously awesome. The pages are rough and tough and will accept watercolor, acrylics, inks, gesso, gel name it! Plus the cover is so thick, I gesso it and paint over top ( I always love an inviting cover that encourages me to delve inside!)

                                                 (thick juicy pages from my art journal!)
Here are some of my fave supplies:
*Canson Montval all media sketchbook
* gesso (man... I love this stuff!)
*Liquitex matte gel medium (for collage)
* cheap craft paints from Michaels
*masking tape (I love the way it looks-see above pic)
*Tim Holtz...OMG!! Who is this guy??? I just love his products! He has amazing, vintage papers, stickers and...on and on. I can spend some big bucks here!
*collage...I use... well, anything that catches my eye (pages from a vintage dictionary, maps, scrapbook paper, brown paper bags give you the most amazing aged look, newspaper, on and on)
*inks and pens/pencils
* I recently discovered this store that has the most amazing products and prices!
(Princess -of -Spaghetti Tara)
There are no rules...I just go for it! I gesso a page and let dry...then I usually layers collage pieces with gel medium and let dry.  I add paints/inks...wipe some off with a paper towel. Add text, journal, hand and footprints, write memories...I also encourage  Tara to work on the backgrounds (she just loves this!) so I have some of her paintings and drawings in here too!! Add epherma, embellishments, frames (I love the ones by Memory Makers)...and Tim Holtz... love!!!!  And I just discovered 7 Gypsies!!!! Holy smokes! Seriously am in love with their stuff! ...later on I can add them to a scrap layout or frame it or just have it as a record of Tara. I am also getting super interested in altered books and assemblage...but that's a whole other post!


Carola Bartz said...

I can understand your enthusiasm - I love many of those supplies as well. Tim Holtz products are super cool, I actually like a lot of the Ranger stuff, and 7gypsies - oh dear!! They have great tape as well, by the way.

jane said...

I love this very much! ...the thick inviting pages, Tara's oh-so-cute little face, the colors, the ideas....You are an inspiration! xx jane

SooZeQue said...

That pic of Tara is just too cute! What a little character. Kudo's to you for finding extra time to create the lovely scrapbook. It will certainly be a treasured piece to go back and enjoy. I'm hibernating and haven't done one thing creative. Hopefully soon my mojo will return.

Kerri said...

that is the CUTEST photo- she looks SOOOO happy!