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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

sketching on the go

 Friends...the first thing is...I'm not sure if anyone even reads my blog anymore; I haven't been here in forever!!! Despite my best efforts to keep a regular blogging schedule, I've fallen off the wagon due to 101 reasons. It's not that I don't have a ton of stuff to write about (because I absolutely do) but life just kept on cropping up. Also...I think that sometimes we just need a break, a place and space to rest and replenish until we feel ready. And it's not that I haven't been painting, creating and writing (Hop on over to my Instagram feed) ...just not here for some reason!
Anyways...I signed both Tara and me up for Bliss class by Juliette Crane (and I can't recommend it highly enough...a whole separate blog post for that!) and one of the habits I'm developing is sketching on the go. So I wanted to share what I'm learning from this process and also what's in my travel sketch kit.

Travel Sketch Kit
* 2 small sketchbooks (so I can go back and forth while pages dry). One of the sketchbooks is just a regular one for dry media...and even though I used watercolors ...I liked the effects of the buckling. If the page tore, I simply covered it up with a piece of worries! The other sketchbook is a Bee Super Deluxe for mixed media so the pages are sturdier.
* 2 small watercolor kits (a Sennelier travel one I had and a kit I made with my fave. colors)
* UHU gluestick (I ran out so next time I will definitely take a large!)
* small water cup
* a few markers
* sharpener
* Stabilo all black pencil
* a couple of ziplock bags (so important to keep watercolors in!)
* a few water-soluble oil pastels (2 whites because they can be used with other colors to vary tones and colors etc)
*collage papers
* mop type brush
* fabric throw so I can spread it out anywhere and paint/sketch
*pencil case to keep everything together

Okay...I learned so many things I wanted to share...some practical and some metaphoric.
* I didn't pack a mop brush so I used an ice cube to spread the paints! Whoa!!!!! Totally awesome and cool effects and textures. Try it...I promise you will be surprised!
* less is more. Sure...I love having all my inks and paints and....but when I have less stuff to forces me to think outside the box. I used my fingers way more (which gave me a lot of very raw, emotive marks).  I didn't have a ton of colors with me so I started getting very intentional with my palette, using my white oil pastel to vary colors and tones, Also using the white of the paper a whole lot more.
* I made a ton of marks/scribbles etc that gave so much character and depth to my pages. I became very experimental and free in my mark making...most of it was going to get covered up anyways...but some of it would show through.
* I think the most important thing I learned from the entire process, though, is that it's all about the journey. It's not about the finished painting/drawing/sketch but it's about what I'm learning along the way. There is no right or wrong,...I don't have to know where the page is going...more importantly...the page doesn't have to go anywhere at all!!! I have pages that are simply full of beautiful colors, marks...a patch of graphic collage. All okay!!! 
Happy Creating!!!!


Tejae: Heart Shaped Art said...

i hope you continue to keep up your blog posts! Then it may inspire me to start mine back up! ha!

Beautiful sketches. Are your sketch books specifically for watercolor? I'm just wondering if they warp?

nazelet said...

Well, i wrote a massive comment for this post - how i loved discovering your blog, your suggestions for on the go arting, your inspiration to resurrect my blog & so much more. �� It was doctorate worthy. Then inorder to post I had to sign into Google. Messed up & lost it all. So I'll just say how happy I am that you & Tara are taking the Bliss class together. Patience is a virtue right?