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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

around here lately

 My sweet gorgeous girl turned 7...I can hardly even believe it! I remember the very first time I laid eyes on her and it seems like a moment ago. But in between these 7 years, she has grown and blossomed and bloomed and is thriving in every which's kind of incredible. She is sweet and strong and kind and smart and sassy too, thank you very much! She has her own mind, is incredibly curious and creative...and we just love her to pieces. I am so very very incredibly grateful that I get to be her mom...that I get to nurture and love and foster her growth and witness her journey. She is the sun and the moon and the stars to us and I can't even begin to imagine what life was like before her.

 Oh! Also...she's a complete daddy's girl now and loves to go on all sorts of adventures with him.

 We got a new addition to our family...this sweet little mutton pie right here. Tim has been wanting a puppy since Tara was about a year and a half. But...the timing was so not right! Tara was just a toddler and needed my full care and attention plus we were moving across country and Tim was away for work a lot and on and on. And Tara has desperately wanted a puppy for the past couple of years...but once again, the timing just wasn't right...Tim had so many major surgeries last year on and on. But now that we have this sweet little bundle ...we couldn't be happier. He is a Doberman (with uncropped ears), 7 weeks old and a sweet little pudding. We just love him so. Tara dotes on him and he on her; he has been an incredibly warm and loving spirit to our family and we are ever so grateful. Oh...and his name is Maximus Jellybean Biko or Maxi for short!

And I am really excited about my art....the way it is freeing up and getting more looser and more whimsical...more emotional and experimental. I have no idea where it will lead....but I am allowing grace to carry me; I don't need to know!

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