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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

feeding my soul

 A few things that I am crushing out on lately...some things that have been feeding my soul as I am on this path of healing mySELF, deconstructing and reconstructing mySELF and realigning to the truest of trues. I have been leaning into faith + surrender in a huge way. Something that would have been completely impossible for me a few short years ago but now...I am becoming more comfortable with it  (most times!). There's simply so much in life that is beyond our I am choosing to view these as life lessons and be very grateful for the ways in which I am transforming. For the ways in which I am expanding the possibilities of who I am...and of who I can be...of who I want to be. For the fears and insecurities  that come, ugly and uninvited, that have lessons to teach me also. For the joys and abundance I am receiving that are teaching me invaluable lessons also... I am worthy,  I am enough (as is, right now). I am grateful.

 *every single morning I am starting the day with kindness. And it all begins right here...with me. Looking at mySELF with infinite compassion, love and non-judgement. So easy to difficult to do. But when I spend 5-10 mins practicing this simple aligns me to all that is good inside of me and my day goes more smoothly. It reminds me to make higher choices (large + small) throughout the day to treat mySELF with love. And it all starts with me.
*Photowalks!! I took the Be Your Own Beloved class last year with Miss Vivienne and I have carried this practice with me since then. Whenever I'm stressed, out of sorts, caught in the depths of despair...I go for a quick photowalk and can I tell you how it soothes my soul? Sometimes I go the evenings or Tara and I go together. Whatever the magic of this act binds me to all that is beautiful in the world. It takes me outside of myself and releases my negative self talk, my fears and gremlins into the air. And what takes it's place is a simple quiet...a peace...a sense of joy and well being that I am grateful for.

*I first came across Caroline Myss about 15 + years ago...and that time I seriously had no idea what she was talking about!!! I listened to her many times but nothing made any sense to me at all and ...I thought she was a bit delusional. Fast forward to now and her work absolutely resonates with me on a deep and soulful level. Her work on archetypes has me clinging onto every bit of truth and wisdom...aha moments galore!! it all makes sense!!! She talks about our Sacred Contracts, Energetic Anatomy and how we lose our power. At the heart of her teaching is this simple here now. In the present moment is where we can feel the most fully alive, authentic and powerful.

*loved reading this article on making time for creativity. It was chock full of truths and made me laugh out loud. Anne Lamott rocks...big time! And her Twitter and FB accounts are full of wisdom nuggets, humor and wit. Love this lady! 
* I started reading this book and I couldn't be more grateful. Dr.  Tsabari has written a (parenting) book that is truly revolutionary and it has entered my life at just the perfect time. Can you say grateful??
*picked up this book again... I had read it years ago but it's calling me now in an entirely different way. Love that!!
*journaling, morning pages, therapy...whatever you want to call it...I've been doing it every day and it has been cathartic, insightful and healing. There's something about the act of writing things down that accesses our deepest memories, emotions and thoughts and gives it voice + validation. So much is coming to light and with each sentence...with each page I feel myself getting stronger, more whole...more mySELF. It's a time I can carve out to sit and be present to all that emerges on the page. So very grateful for this practice.

And of course...when I fall and fail and become untethered...that is an opportunity as well. The path is not smooth or easy or straight and when I have "one of those days" (which I frequently do)...this quote reminds me that...I can get some rest and try again tomorrow.The reminder that courage isn't always some huge grand act but's the quiet resolve of putting one foot in front of another.

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