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Monday, September 30, 2013

I rise

                           (I Rise, mixed media on watercolor paper, 8 x 10, archival print available here) has been an incredibly stressful week for us over here. I have been thoroughly opened up inside and out...a roller coaster of some of the most intensely painful emotions I have ever experienced. I have cried and ranted and completely lost my composure. I have been unbelievably angry, incredibly sad and at a complete and utter loss for what to do. I have had rows of sleepless nights, knots in my stomach and uncontrollable crying spells. When we send our children out into the world...we do so with the full expectation that the world will be a kind place. That their little hearts and souls will be valued, respected and treasured. That they will be accepted and treated well. And when ugly things it shatters the very heart of who we are...making us bitter and cynical and outright pissed!! I know that I have to accept the world as it is, not as I would like it to be. I know that parenting is a difficult gig with no manual, I know that emotions can quickly get out of control and cloud reason and judgement. I know that metamorphosis is painful, draining and entirely necessary.  And this is what happened...
*I realized that sometimes decisions are best made using our heart.
*I discovered that everything everything everything can be doors to a higher understanding and a more compassionate way of life.
*I also learned (once again!) that you just can't argue with stupidity and ignorance.
And when all those layers were peeled back, this is what I saw... I am strong,  I am wise,  I have heart. I rise.

And now for some great good stuff that I wanted to share:
* I'm not quite sure how  I came across this amazing man and his TED talk but it just blew me away!! I was taken by his spirit and heart...his sheer humility and an educator and seer. I did more research on him and ordered his book (World Peace and Other 4th Grade Achievements)...I mean, how freakin' fantastic can one person be???
* amazing is this class right here???? Dr. Brene Brown  and Oprah??? Art journaling, vulnerability and digging deep??? Did I mention Brene and Oprah??? Sign me up please!
*Thrift Books! I just discovered this place a few months ago...and since I buy  a ton of books (for both me and Tara) it has really helped me out. Free shipping and used books (often ex-library books that are in great shape) = I'm hooked!!
* Tara's studio space is coming along quite nicely. It's not 100% done yet but I really think it's going to work out great. She's so excited to have her own "big girl" studio and loves that she's a "real artist" now:) Pics soon!

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kelly said...

So sad that you've had such a hard time, but so happy to see you've found your way through it! I admire you for all of those things you mentioned. I'm glad you see them too. :)