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Thursday, September 26, 2013

standing in the heart of who I am

Can I gush?? It's week three of my class with Danielle Daniel and...I just can't go on enough about how amazing this space has been for me. You know...I kind of stopped taking e-courses for awhile because, besides the time factor, I have been so disappointed in taking classes where so much was promised and so little delivered. But I instantly knew that taking this class was the real deal. I have always known that a really good teacher doesn't teach you how to paint/draw/write etc like them but is someone who leads you to your own creative well...someone who gives you the tools and inspires you to tell your own true stories. Danielle is like that!!! Plus...she's just so darn cute!!

This is the palette I'm using...very simple...Titanium White, Burnt Sienna, Alizarin Crimson,  Payne's Gray and a teal blue. I'll probably add more colors later...this is the base.

Still a work in progress but already I am loving the looser style and the raw, spontaneous quality.  
Truth: For quite some time I have been feeling  a deep deep need to create more deeply from my heart. To tell my stories the way only I push myself further creatively. To let go of my fears and step into my deeper truths. Thank you Danielle...for propelling me in that direction...closer and closer to the heart of who I am.
P.S. The studio is still quite a mess's coming together!

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Kelly said...

Yay! I love that you are digging deeper. That's where you shine. Thanks for stopping by my new place. I'm still trying to ease back in and find that balance again, but I'm glad to be back!