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Friday, July 19, 2013

yesterday: day #19

... Tara and I went to visit Jainnie-amazing polymer clay artist, tea connoisseur  and friend. We chatted, ate lunch and Tara gave all of Jainnie's stuffed animals a check-up:) Jainnie also did a cute project with Tara and showed me some clay 101 basics. I meant to take pics of the entire process but...I was probably too busy gabbing:) and completely forgot!
 I've been wanting to try my hand at clay for some time (was supposed to make clay dolls last summer)...but it just never happened. Just watching a very basic demo yesterday gave me the incentive to learn more about the process. Plus...Tara just loved it!! to Amazon I go to pick up a few basic tools to get us started!! Thanks Jainnie!

 Tara's been playing doctor band-aids everywhere:)
 *all pics in this post taken by Jainnie!

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