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Thursday, July 11, 2013

on making difficult choices: day #11

"Just trust yourself
then you will know how to live" -Goethe
Lately... there have been a whole lot of circumstances where I have been forced to make some very difficult choices.Really difficult!! Ones that involve lots of complicated factors, ones that have no simple answers...yet...they simply have to be addressed; they aren't going to disappear!! Ones that deal with real people...good people...with hopes + dreams + hearts.'s the thing! I'm a firm believer that
*everything happens for a reason
*the exact people + circumstances manifest in your life to teach you life lessons
*these life lessons will continually show up (under different guises) until we learn how to resolve them.
So here I sit...having to sift and sort, sift and arrive at what I know in my heart of hearts is the very best for my family. And it's difficult...there are hurts and tears + hard realities. There is trying to balance compassion with honesty; reason with hope. And there are no easy answers!!! There is no book I can pick up that can give me the perfect Zen answer; one that resolves the situation without hurt hearts. So...what do I do??? 

*  talk from the heart
*  learn how to be (very) direct
*  learn how to listen (again...with my heart)
*  try to balance kindness + compassion with firmness
*  ask for what I want
*  accept that I can only do so much
* boundaries, boundaries, boundaries!!
I realize that I bring all of my stories and unresolved pieces to my present; I know that we all do. So...with this mantra playing in my head..."be kind + firm. be kind + firm. be kind + firm"...I go forward... Knowing that we are all teachers to each other; all on this journey of life.

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Penny McDaniel said...

Ah, yes...I, too, wrote about making difficult choices and how to approach them mindfully. I think the most important thing is to yourself to make the best decisions and trust your Higher Power to direct you to that choice. I'm cheering you on from behind this screen. Sending love and light to you as you work through things.