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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

my blog challenge so far: day #10

It's day 10 of my blog challenge and here are a few things I've discovered so far:
*since the challenge, I have been carrying my camera with me everywhere! Not only that...but I am constantly looking at things with  a fresh eye..."can this be a great pic?", "can this image encapsulate my story?", "how can I capture this light?" ...
 * some days I sit down to write my post and I go..."what was I thinking...signing up for this blog challenge????" but the truth is...most days, I am completely up for the challenge + look forward to it! Even if I blank out for 5 mins. sitting here going..."what should I write about??" falls into place if I give it a chance. 

* I carry a little notebook with me wherever I go...and scribble down blog post ideas. Sometimes I fall back on them and sometimes I write about what's in my heart as I sit down in front of the computer. But it's nice to have them written down so I don't forget. 
* I am establishing a habit. I wake up and work out...grab my morning coffee and sit down to write.
 * the community has been an amazing support! Words of encouragement and inspiration are everywhere and I am "meeting" the warmest, most amazing peeps. Folks who are creative + funny, who are going through difficult times but still showing up...who are so giving with their time + advice. Plus...I'm discovering blogs I never would have otherwise!!

*I am consciously seeking new ways to share my stories, to share what's in my heart. Not all of my posts are going to be great...but they don't have to be! It's about showing up, being seen + doing my best.

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Penny McDaniel said...

You are doing a beautiful thing! I'm enjoying watching you blossom through your art and your words.