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Friday, July 12, 2013

documenting our truth: day #12

 Some days...I wonder what we ever did before the Internet!!!?? I's become an integral part of our lives in such a relatively short time. Now...with FB and twitter and blogs and...we can connect with others anywhere in the world!!! Pretty amazing when you think about it!! One of the most miraculous gifts of all of this is how we can document our truth, share our stories and connect with our tribe. I don't tell a lot of people in my everyday life that I blog...unless it comes up for some particular reason. Not that I'm ashamed of it...quite the contrary. I'm very proud of my scared space that houses my words and images...that captures my spirit and witnesses my journey. But..I understand that not everyone I meet in my real life is part of my tribe and...therefore...they may get weirded out, intimidated or just plain old not understand. They may not be kind or supportive. And...I'm okay with that. Really.

 And I think that until you's difficult to understand the magic and power it has to transform our lives...ourSELVES. There is an alchemical process that occurs when we stand firmly where we are...and start speaking our truth. When we show up day after day, week after week and begin with a tiny seed of hope, another tiny seed of sun. When we nurture it with our tears + authenticity...not knowing what may bloom forth...not knowing if what we are doing matters to anyone else but ourselves. But...doing it anyway.

The real magic is...that we start seeing. really + truly seeing. OurSELVES. Our truth. Our lives. We can be open to the magic and wonder of our journey. We can...BE. HERE. NOW. And all of this truth telling and connecting and witnessing makes us brave! And alive!! And...real. And it all spills over to our "real" lives until blog life and real life becomes one and the same. And along the way to becoming real...we may inspire a few others to do the same. We can connect with kindreds whom we our heart of hearts...are really  long lost friends.  I have read blogs that have had me in awe and tears. I have read stories that have broken me open to the wonder and magic of being human...and showing it! And along the way...I am discovering mySELF. 

Along the way...I can walk into the light.

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ArtPropelled said...

I'm laughing because people are "weirded out" about blogs here. I've learned to keep quite about it unless it comes up ... somehow. I don't enjoy being looked at as if I crawled out of cheese