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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

"do 3 things you love today": day #9

 I've been reading this book right here (Beautiful You: A Daily Guide To Radical Self Acceptance) for the past month or so. It's a book of daily affirmations that has been oh! so good for me! While I don't read an affirmation every single day...if I find one that really speaks to me...I try to use it every single day (hope that makes sense!). So...when I came across this one right here "do 3 things you love today"...I loved the simplicity and wisdom of it!!! Imagine if...every single day...we could do just 3 things for ourSELVES that we completely loved!!! They don't have to be expensive, complicated or time consuming...they just have to be things that make your heart sing.

 I'm finding that the key lies in really savoring the moment...opening my heart to gratitude and love. In knowing that I'm worthy of asking for what I need and then...kicking guilt to the curb and claiming the time to do things I love. My days were usually so filled with mommy duties that I often neglected myself. So this practice has really (radically, friends...radically!) changed my life.

And now...because I take the time to fill mySELF up...I can show up wholehearted in my life.
And that, my pretty  fabulous!


jane said...

This is SO true! xo Jane

Maureen Wielansky said...

What beautiful pictures and what a way to live. Thank you for inspiring me and opening my eyes and I am going to get that book today!

Unknown said...

Excellent post! And your artwork is amazing. Congrats on your article being published. So nice to see people doing what they love. I've been trying to do more of the same. I like that idea do three things you love. Very positive!
History Sleuth's Writings UBC

Unknown said...

Great post! I am going to follow your advice today, and do 3 things I love! As I'm trying to create a new habit - I find it helpful to schedule a reminder into my calendar. So, the #1 item on my to-do list each day for the next week is to 1) have lunch on the deck, 2) walk among the flowers, 3) open to a new experience! Thanks for the inspiration!


pennymcdanielspiritualguidance said...

Love your artwork and that you are engaging in self-care to help you live an authentic life!