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Monday, July 8, 2013

painting our journeys: day #8

Friends...I am extraordinarily excited to share with you that I have an article published in the current Cloth.Paper Scissors July/Aug 2013 issue (p. 62-66)!! I share how I create my multi layered backgrounds, the stories they hold and the symbolism behind them. I go into detail about how I create my backgrounds with the focus on having fun + experimenting (ie. letting go!!)rather than creating a finished piece or having things turn out a specific way. I share how each of my paintings are soul biographies...layers upon layers of stories that reveal (and hide) parts and pieces of ourSELVES. Because that's how we are, right? Complex and multi layered...stories within stories. It's a step by step article that focuses on technique with pics of my nearly bare canvas (gesso and collage) to finished pieces. I share how I use all sorts of things in my backgrounds...pieces of used mail, pages from my journal, found papers, ticket stubs, gift wrap, pages from an old dictionary...splatters and drips of ink. It's all about creating layers of history and painting our journey. 
 P.S. Also...I never drink my coffee black (I use half and half) but I received some Cambodian coffee as a gift and I have never tasted anything like it!!! So...sweet and earthy; I just couldn't add any cream!

I would like to thank Barbara Delaney, Jenn Mason and everyone else who helped make this possible. I am incredibly grateful and excited for this opportunity. Dancing on clouds over here:)
*Also available in Canada, friends!!! I hope you get  a chance to check it out:)

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ArtPropelled said...

Congratulations Soraya! It sounds like a wonderful article. You won't believe it but every now and then I find Cloth Paper Scissors here, so I'll be looking out for your article.