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Monday, May 13, 2013

surrendering to the moment

I am feeling a deep surrendering...a letting go. Of old, tired, worn out stories that don't serve me anymore. Of broken ideas + ways of being that are...boring + heavy and played out. I feel a deep need to simply
BE. HERE. NOW. The Be Your Own Beloved class with Vivienne McMaster is absolutely amazing and is opening up new doors within ways of seeing + being + playing. The class community is really so warm and wonderful and...loving. And Vivienne's daily prompts are... freeing, challenging, daring!!! I totally recommend this class to anyone looking to further their photography and self care.

 Mothers Day was so amazingly sweet + simple around here. Tim and Tara made me a wonderful brunch...we ate + talked + laughed + sat in the sun + took a nap.  Barefoot and happy:) These are the memories I will forever keep in my heart.

Spring is in the air, I completely rearranged my studio...birds are chirping and...just feeling so good about life! xxx

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PatH said...

Love the Mother's Day photo and all the self portraits.