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Thursday, May 9, 2013

things around here

I am thoroughly enjoying Vivienne McMaster's Be Your Own Beloved class! Some of the exercises have been personally challenging for me...but those assignments are the very ones I need to do! I am realizing that our bodies hold onto our stories...all of them. This collage is a self portrait; I took the exact same pic and edited the right hand side pic and the left one is the raw image.I see how some days are such a struggle for look at mySELF with loving kindness. It is  a is a practice:)

Last weekend I was thrilled to attend the Georgia O'Keeffe Exhibition at the Denver Museum of Art. It was a fantastic take on her deep and abiding love for New Mexico. the exhibition also talks about her love for American Indian and Hispanic thrilled to experienced this!!! It was my artist date for the week:)

I am here...self portrait

Been enjoying some down time, quiet hours with a book and coffee. I found this wonderful little cafe that is secluded, cozy and has the best coffee!
 This magical pic happened earlier this week. I was trying to do a photo assignment when Tara came twirling right into the scene!! I edited it to the hilt...using layers and adding a smattering of stars. It was such a magical image, I wanted to go over the top. I use Pixlr-o-matic which is super user friendly to use. LOVE!!!

I haven't had much time in my studio this past little while-I just work on bits + pieces when I can. And of course...backgrounds are so much fun!!

A few days ago ...enjoying the most gorgeous sunny day. Today it's raining cats + dogs BTW...but nice to bask in the sunshine:)

My photo assignment for today...I wanted to capture a sense of energy + movement rather than a purely visual story. So much fun:)
 I am so looking forward to this Mothers Day...simple and sweet:)
happy weekend everyone!

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patty said...

Glad you are enjoying the class Soraya! I am seeing everyone's be your own beloved pics on Instagram. 8D
Happy Mothers Day! ( and thank you for the sweet email!)