My He(ART)-Full Life

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

filling up my well

It's the last day of my Be Your Own Beloved class with Vivienne McMaster...and I can't believe how much I've grown (creatively and otherwise), how sad I am that it's over and how much I recommend this photography class to anyone looking to expand their hearts. I had some trepidation about taking the class...and I don't know why because I blog, FB, Tweet etc ...but I am ever so grateful I did!!! I feel a new confidence and completely inspired. I even started taking photo self care walks (you can read about them on Vivienne's blog) and...she's absolutely right!!!! It's an adventure in the making and I feel so invigorated and refreshed afterwards!!! Try it out!!

We just had a long weekend over here (Memorial Day) and...since it's always a very difficult time for Tim due to all the many friends and comrades he's lost...we decided to take it very easy. Full of slowing down, breathing, appreciating our many blessings and giving thanks; self care. 

Tara had her very first horseback ride and took to it like a pro!!! Not only did she love it...she started giving the horse orders:) I think we're going to be doing quite a lot more of this:)

And of course...spending family time. My girl is all smiles and mischief...can you tell???I heart her so.

Happy + refreshed and practicing self care. Lots of reading, tea drinking, breathing, cloud watching and talking to trees. I feel like a whole new person!!! More soon!


laurie said...

this does sound like a wonderful class that most everyone could benefit from. why is something that should be so obvious, like self care, so easy to forget?!

patty said...

You're looking positively radiant, my dear!