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Thursday, October 11, 2012

this + that

I have been reading Daring Greatly nonstop this week (am on chapter 3 ...Understanding and Combating Shame) and it is beyond brilliant + complicated + messy...and totally necessary. it's all about claiming our vulnerability to be wholehearted. Brene says that when we have the courage to be transforms every aspect of our lives. I have found that to be 100% true in my life...vulnerability has made me stronger, not weaker.

I have been rearranging things in my studio...getting rid of stuff as well. This chair is in a cosy corner and I just love the morning sunlight that pours through the windows. Let me tell you the story behind this chair, though. I picked it up at the junk store a  few months ago and it was ugly. I mean...ugleeeeee! It has really dated tweed plaid fabric and was a very heavy walnut color. But it had good bones, is super comfortable and was a steal. So I recovered the cushions, painted the wood a warm linen color and threw this Suzani fabric (actually an extra curtain panel!) over the seat. Now...totally love!!

I actually got to see our first lady Michelle Obama speak this week...she was brilliant, brave + beautiful and I was in awe. She rocked Colorado!!! I really wish that I could have taken Tara to see her but it would have been too much ...all the crowds and long hours. Elections are right around the corner and I, for one, wish it were all over. There's just so much hanging in the balance.

Been making lots of art this week. just getting into my studio and experimenting, making journal pages, and trying out new products.

I received my book by Mati Rose this week and have been trying out all sorts of new and fun techniques. Totally in love with this book! Besides all the useful info...the gorgeous pics are totally inspiring!!!

I came across this sign in a shop window and had to take a pic!! I fundamentally believe in this but...yes, I husband is a Marine! The Universe has a sense of humor I'm thinking:) I absolutely am proud of my husband, the man he is and the heart he has. And still I hold true to who I am. Tim says...soldiers usually hate war the most because they are the ones who have to fight it.

Fall is in full bloom over here and I just adore the leaves all aflame, cooler evening weather and bundling up. There are pumpkins and Halloween decorations out drinks and early darkness. We love our evening walks...Tim and i holding hands and Tara skipping ahead.

My beautiful girl growing up waaaaaay too fast. She picks out her own clothes, tells me she needs her privacy (!!!) and is curious + sassy + so so sweet + smart. I'm teaching her Spanish and she already knows her numbers and colors!
 Hope you all have a great weekend!! xxx


Anonymous said...

ooh, high energy post! i love that against the next war already! and go tim - if the peeps who made the wars had to fight them, there'd be hardly any..fingers crossed for america's election over here...and thanks for tipping me into getting my ideas book out, surely there must be something i could start that wouldn't be too tiring!?! hugs xx

Carin Cullen said...

Love that shot of the tree canopy! Every studio should have a cosy chair to sit and dream, plan, read, or draw from your own inner inspiration. Haven't picked up the Brene Brown book yet- I'm trying not to buy any new books till the new year to catch up on the massive backlog and save some cash (calculated the other day that at my current reading pace, I have 2 1/2 years worth of unread books in my stash, so am trying to be really good!). Have a nice weekend!