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Sunday, June 3, 2012


I have 10 hundred million things to do...but I am still in vacation mode...taking it easy. It's been raining all weekend over here so no working in the garden but I have been painting containers for plants. I decided to do a container garden this year (so much easier + more manageable I think). I picked up a couple of adorable tin buckets from Target but mostly just went around the house looking for things I could use. This cute little teapot is going to grow some herbs I'm thinking. I painted it a juicy red. I decided to do a few fruits (strawberry + blackberry), some herbs and flowers. Other than that...reading, writing in my journal, dreaming + scheming:) I have been reading the current O mag (Oprah went to India!!!!). Having a movie date night with Tim tonight  (Red Tails...about the Tuskegee airmen) looking forward to it!!  Hope you all are doing well (in your bodies, hearts + lives) and had  a wonderful weekend.

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ArtPropelled said...

The red teapot is going to look so cheerful with herbs growing in it, Soraya. A lovely idea!