My He(ART)-Full Life

Thursday, May 31, 2012

turquoise sky. red mountains.

 Our last stop was in the land of turquoise sky, red mountains and it was a soothing balm after all the crazy hustle bustle of Vegas. We spent a morning at the Museum of Northern Arizona which is nestled amongst mountains + forest...and through an insane amount of luck and serendipity, I managed to be there for the Zuni festival which happens once a year!!!

 I sat in reverence and listened to a matriarch speak of earth + sky + ancient soul knowledge. She spoke of passing on her wisdom + language and culture to her grandchildren so that the Zuni way of life would be preserved. She didn't know exactly how old she was because she had passed into the age of timelessness + such things didn't matter anyway. She spoke in song while drums were beating in the background and chills went up and down my spine as I listened to her deep spirit speaking only truth and medicine. I felt the earth around me rise up to cradle and protect me...and I felt a deep and complete sense of peace.
In her voice I heard an ancient story that binds us all to a common truth. We are here, in this moment, to share what we know...all of our pain + truth + heartfelt beauty. We are here to follow our path, forge our journey; open ourselves up to life. I had tears running down my face after listening to her speak. It was a gift, unimaginable, and I was grateful to have received it.

I soaked everything in...all of the pottery (some of them a thousand years old!!), turquoise and silver jewellery ...drawings, paintings, dancing and books. I tried to absorb the ancient ways of embracing the wisdom of the earth, of connecting to the land and her truths. So when we drove up to the Grand Canyon that afternoon..I felt completely ready to accept her beauty. It was a humbling + awe inspiring fully understand how we are, simultaneously, so small + seemingly  insignificant powerful and connected to the Universe we are. Both truths standing in their own space without negating the other.
Early the next morning I went for a long walk walk by was cool and brisk in the mountains. My soul mingled with the earth ...and each step brought me closer to mySELF. I found this gorgeous black feather that magically appeared in my path. I don't know the exact meaning of it...but I really didn't need to...I knew deep in my heart, it was a sign, a gift, a message from the Universe. I held onto it tightly and put it in my journal (seen in pic above with a postcard by artist Serena Supplee). Magic.
We are back home now and Tara is ecstatic !!! One of the first things she did was say hello to all of her dolls + babies. Then she put on her princess clothing and played dress up!!! The next few days are full of laundry, unpacking and gardening and things. 


jane said...

Lovely! xo jane

SooZeQue said...

Glad you're home safe and sound and enjoyed your visit to flagstaff. All the things I love - you reminded me of. Thanks. xxxooo