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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Vegas = too much

(Tara watching the boats at the Bellagio)
We spent a couple of days in Vegas and I just have to say...I am not a Vegas kinda' girl!!! Maybe like...20 years ago but...definitely not anymore. I haven't been there since I was in my late teens and man...have things ever changed over there!!! Huge palatial over the top hotels and everything in excess (to the nth power !!) . First of all...I must be getting old because all I wanted to do by 11 p.m. was go to sleep!! I know, I know...I can stay up until 3 in the morning painting!! It was scorching hot for the two days we were there (like you could cook an egg on the sidewalk kinda' hot!!) and there were a gazillion people walking the strip. Exhausting!!! I longed for cool and quiet.  It was fun to see Tara in awe of the grandeur + lights + all the action.  But other than that??? It was all a bit too much for me. I don't like buffets or gambling. The shops on the strip were over the top expensive (100$ t-shirts???) All in all...I was glad to leave the hustle bustle and venture out into the vast open spaces, the red mountains and mesas of Arizona. I did spot Elvis though:)


jane said...

I'm with you on the craziness of Las is too much!

SooZeQue said...

I second that about Vegas! Although you do have to experience it at least once in your life. It's only super fun if you hit the jackpot! When are you coming to AZ?????? huh huh huh

patty said...

Vegas for us is a place to pass through and maybe stop for gas. That's it. Hope you are home safe and sound and out of the heat by now!