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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

"the painted word"

I went to see this fantastic exhibition at the Meridian Gallery called the Painted Word. The entire exhibit examines the connection between the artists' painting and writings. It was a relatively small exhibition but I stayed  here for well over an hour...reading up on the artists and just...absorbing everything.

My absolute fave. painting is this one right here called "A Seed Doing It's Stuff" by Armenian-American fiction writer/playwright/artist William Saroyan. I have (from a long time ago) been a huge fan of his poems + essays. And I just adore the energy, color + rhythm of this painting. Isn't it amazing???

There were other artists as well (Ferlinghetti, Rexroth, Hirschman and more) but...I kept on going back to Saroyan...his paintings simply held me in a space of intrigue and magic.

This exhibition was part of April's Poetry month...there are tons and tons of poetry readings and documentary films (the Red Poet) as well. I just love San Fran!!!! I think I could live here!!!

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jane said...

Why am I not there with you??!!