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Thursday, May 24, 2012

I love you San Fran!!!!

I love San Fran!!!! My dream is to spend a summer entire summer, can you imagine?? There are 10 gazillion things to do over here...places to see, discover + experience. Quaint little coffee shops, bookstores, cobbled streets, art + culture. I love being in such a cosmopolitan's so diverse in every sense. Tim and Tara spent a morning at Alcatraz Island (I had no interest in doing that) so I went exploring all over the place. I walked through Little Italy...browsing, people watching, coffee drinking and such.

I stopped at this little gallery (Arata Fine Art Gallery) chock full of treasures. This lady right here is the actual artist of the painting and the gallery owner as well...Arata is her name (love!!). There are paintings, sculptures, conte drawings and more. I had a good little chat with her and she told me how she came to open up her own gallery. One of the things she said to me that really stuck with me is "you just never know what opportunities life will present to us." Very inspiring.
Arata Fine Art Gallery
450 Columbus Ave
San Fran. Ca
It's right in the heart of Little Italy so-if you are in the area-you can stop in and then grab a cup of coffee and pastry at an Italian coffee shop too:) Art + great conversation + Italian coffee...can't get much better than that!!
I managed to catch up on a little bit of writing, reading and dreaming...all in a little coffee shop where very little English was spoken (San Fran is such an international city!!). I was in absolute bliss. And the streets here are so steep...I see pics of it but it really doesn't give you an idea of how hilly it is. If I lived here I would never even dare to drive (!!!) but it would be an amazing workout just walking around. Everything would be all toned + tight in no time at all:)

We loved strolling around Fisherman's Wharf...I could just sit there for hours...listening to the live musicians, peoplewatching, feeling the wind in my hair. This place is so rich in history.  And the seafood here???? OMG!!! Totally amazing. I could live here for that alone.

We created such great memories of San Fran....walking on the pier, the carousel at Pier 39, looking at a hundred different seashells in  a specialty shop on the wharf, catching up on some quiet time with Tim...wind + sun all around. I love the hustle bustle over here...the artsy energy and exploring. All the nooks + crannies just waiting to be discovered.

I spent a whole morning in Chinatown (with Tara!!!). Okay...a toddler in a stroller on a Saturday morning in Chinatown??? Probably not the best idea!!! But one of her fave. books is The Moon Lady(by Amy Tan) and I wanted Tara to see everything come to life (paper lanterns and silk slippers) was exhausting!!!  After a few hours...we were both pooped!!!! Tim wasn't even going to try to brave it with us, smart guy:)

We picked up a pair of gorgous pink silk Chinese p.j.'s , matching silk slippers and an umbrella. Tara absolutely loves loves loves it and wants to wear it everday, and night!!! Good times:) This trip has been so nourishing to my soul...just getting out of the everyday (routines, to-do lists + housework!!) + lots of sleep, a little bit of sun + wine + reading...has been a breath of life.
We LOVE you San Fran!!!! Thank you for everything. I'm going to take lots of your bits & pieces back home with me!! xxx


ArtPropelled said...

Ohhh I'm catching your excitement and wishing I could be there too. Tara is looking divine in her silk pjs!
.... and now I'm curious about the bits and pieces you are taking home from San Fran.

jane said...

Love this post, and when you live in San Francisco for the summer, I will visit you! I'm planning a trip up there in late June actually. Love to you! xo Jane