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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

things that make me happy

(on a nature walk last week)
* a sea of yellow winter!!
* Stash tea... especially the Chai Spice 
* glad I can pull out my winter woolens and bundle up
* snuggling with a good book

(new red!!)

* morning walks
* spending time with my girl
* red shoes
* chattering, girlie, laughing get-togethers
* riding the carousel
* outdoor Xmas night
* Saturday morning coffee at Panera Bread

(Tim's birthday a few days ago)
* still making time for celebrations in the middle of "having no time"
* O magazine in the mail
* patterned skirts
* hearing my Tara sing "Jingle Bells"
* getting at least 6 hours of sleep a night (a rare occurrence these days!!)
* experiencing Xmas through Tara's eyes
What are some things that make you happy...because...(I think)...the world needs more happy peeps:)
happier people = happier world = more hope for peace

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jane said...

Things that make me happy:
Friends! (both in person and online) (YES< YOU!)
Tiny sparkling Christmas lights.
My granddaughters singing carols.
The scent of Christmas muffins baking in the kitchen.
Walks along the beach in the cold crisp winter air.
Those are just a few for you!