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Sunday, December 18, 2011

shiny. bright. spirit.

                                                      (Tara yesterday morning)
Here's a conversation Tara and I had a few days ago.
Me:   "Baby...what should we get Miss Mary?"
Tara:   "Uh...a picture of me!!"
Me:   "Okay, honey...that's a great idea. Can you think of another present too?"
Tara:   "Uhhh...a beehive!!"
Me:   "Oh!! Okaaay. Can we think of something else??"
Tara:   "Ummmmm...a pooper-scooper!!)
Me:   " about some perfume??"
Tara:  " Okay mom. I need some perfume"
OMG!!!! Too too precious. I am saving all of these little moments, tucking them away into the deepest parts of my heart...and keeping them there forever, ever, ever, ever. ever.  This is the stuff of life!!
shiny. bright. spirit.


SooZeQue said...

She's just too cute! Outta the mouths of babes! Wonderful to keep all those memories and present to her many years down the road - what a gift!

laurie said...

i hope you are writing these little snippets of conversation down to share with her later. :-)

Jen @Sadie Inspired said...

Oh my goodness - that is just the sweetest! Kids just melt my heart. Cutie little pics of Tara always put a smile on my face - I hope she is enjoying this time of year!! :) Hope the moving is going well!

jane said...

So sweet is Tara. And Such a BRIGHT spirit are YOU. Happy Christmas! xo Jane

Lis said...

The perfect image for the season! My yes, personality and dare i say it, some well deserved sass?

I cannot believe all that has happened to you in the past year (YEAR? Really, a YEAR has gone by?!) and while I may have been MIA over here, you have always been one of the angels in my soul cheering me on through example.

Wow - artist, author, advocate and Joy Warrior extraordinaire ... quite the Vitae!

I cannot wait to see what treasures you create in the New Year. Congratulations for embracing this period of transition with deep, soul work. Such a wise idea! Maybe I will do so once I finish frantically sewing that last minute "perfect" gift idea that just occurred to me today ...

I apologize, but I missed out on where you are moving? Not leaving California, are you? Do send me the pertinent mailing info!

Oh, and the only thing I can offer by way of navigating the changes in our girls is that a solid practice in starting anew over and over and over (such is my yoga and meditation practice!) is the very best we can do. Just when I think I've got a handle on my girl, she goes grows a new attitude ... sigh ...

love to you all!

xo Lis

Anonymous said...

beautiful post, its so nice to meet you, I found you from the friend we have in common.You know her in real life and I know her in blogland, I'm your newest follower,

ArtPropelled said...

This post made my day. i am smiling from ear to ear. What a treasure!