My He(ART)-Full Life

Thursday, December 22, 2011

dear Ca.

Dear California: I can't believe that our year with you is all went by in  a flash.
I am going to miss...
* your gorgeous year-round amazing weather
* your lush and raw natural beauty that has kept me in awe this whole year
* being 15 mins. away from the Pacific Ocean
* the 101 things there are to do around here...zoos, beach, antique stores, mountains, on and on
* The amazing people that I have met ...the friendships I have made
* walking out my backdoor at any time and picking big fat roses from our garden

* all the art and theatre and!!
* the food!!! There are the most amazing world cuisine restaurants over here. Anything you want...Indian, Persian, Nigerian, Mexican, Italian etc etc...
And I will definitely not miss:
*driving on the interstates. Okay...can we just say ...craaaayzeeee!!!
* the abject racism toward Mexicans. Yes...I know we have to control the borders but...I have witnessed a lot of really ugly racism toward other human beings who pretty much want the same things we all do; to be treated with basic dignity and respect. Simply no excuse for it.
* the cost of's through the roof over here.

(Tara waving goodbye to the ocean)
So...dear Ca. thank you for keeping my family safe this year, for showing us your magic and wonders...we will be back to visit!!
                                                   (Pattie's Xmas party last Sunday)
* I had such a great time at Pattie's get-together...I just wished I could have stayed longer!! I am really going to miss these wonderful ladies...they are over the top wonderful. That's what I am really going to miss in Ca. the most...all the wonderful people I met.


Kelly said...

But on to the next great phase in your life! What's that quote..."Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened."? Happy Warm and Fuzzy Holidays if I don't talk to you before then!

jane said...

OH and dear Soraya, California will miss you! (and I will too.) xo

scrapwordsmom said...

Where are you moving, Soraya?? I knew you were going somewhere I just missed where!!

Merry Christmas!!!!!

Diana said...

Wow! That went fast. I wonder where your off to? Wishing you the best for the New Year.

patty said...

Dear Soraya, California will miss you too.... (mostly me!) I was just thinking how great it is that we have our blogs. That way we will never be out of touch! Go well, my friend. I hope you will be able to stop in the midst of the chaos and catch a few notes of holiday happiness. Breathe......

SooZeQue said...

Merry Christmas and do have a safe trip. You're on to new adventures, new friends and I'm sure SD will miss you also. Always said to leave friends behind - that's why we blog... we're never that far away!

PatH said...

And you will be missed! I am grateful for all the wonderful ways to communicate these days with all our loved ones wherever they may be in the world. What a gift that is! Email, blogs, cell phones... How did we manage before?