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Friday, November 18, 2011

some of what's been going on around here

Dear friends...let me tell you about some of what has been going on around here behind the scenes. Earlier on this year (I can't quite remember when), Tim and I both decided that we did not want to make San Diego our home forever. It's simply gorgeous here...yes!! With the ocean and temperate weather and...there's no arguing with all of that. But...we wanted somewhere smaller and quieter (not to mention less expensive!!) to raise Tara. So...we decided that we were going to enjoy Ca. as much as possible but plan on living elsewhere at years end.
Well...we had been researching homes and schools and communities for months and months. We thought we had covered every possible angle...but when we went out to look at homes about a month ago we discovered some major environmental issues with the place we had been looking at!!! I mean...serious ones.
Entire communities built around Eiffel Tower power lines and more!!! I would never of conceived of such a thing. And the most heartbreaking thing? A brand new elementary school that sits adjacent to a field of power lines...less than a mile away!!! So...we have had to change our plans and start from scratch!!!
Now we are researching an entirely different place, working  like crazy, looking at a gazillion homes, flying back and forth...Oh!!! And 2 bouts of the flu thrown in  too:(
So that's what's been going on over here. I have blogs to visit, e-mails to get to, art commitments waiting for me...eeek!! Okay...Take a deep's all going to work out exactly the way it's supposed to.


Kelly said...

Yes it is! :)

Janet said...

It must be exciting and exhausting to search for a home far from where you are now. I hope you find just the right place.

Carola Bartz said...

Sometimes life just takes over - I know how that feels. It's when we truly wish a day had more hours... and we had more control over time. Sigh.
I hope you'll find a good place to live, a real home.

Jen @Sadie Inspired said...

Oh, how I hope and pray you find the home that makes your hearts sing. You are so right, it will all work out...the way it is meant to. :)

laurie said...

i can't wait to hear where the place is that is calling you home. we are also in the process of gradually moving out of the city to somewhere that is more "us". what a wonderful life this is in which we get to explore and make such choices.

jane said...

Yes, wise words...keep that spirit of patience and openness in your heart as you move forward! xo

Chris Flynn said...

wow... big decision. But I'm glad you're opting to put your daughter first. I met a nice woman at Michaels in Klamath Falls last month. Her dad left a really high position with NASA to settle there because it was so good for his four children.He now works for an office Max, but their family is sooo happy.

I'm proud of you for making this decision!

Sweet blessings, Chris

patty said...

Yes, yes it will. You'll see. Keep taking those deep breaths!

lisa said...

Soraya, it sound like a wonderfully exciting, but also exhausting time for you!