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Sunday, November 20, 2011

soul medicine

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I'm not quite sure what it is about creativity that reaches down deep into our souls and mends, heals, makes alive, nourishes and holds us. But...there is absolutely no doubt that creativity is soul medicine of the very best kind. I can say that- for me-when I lived a life devoid of creativity, I was just surviving and getting through the day (or the moment, minute, hour). But once I started living a creative live...I started (little by little) to heal and bloom. To pull something from our soul and bring it out into the world is the magical alchemy that transform our pain and brokenness into treasures. If we can allow the suffering, bitterness and disappointments in our hearts to simmer, soften and fall apart, we can use it as hubris for our creativity. We can then heal ourselves...and others.
When we are immersed in our creative acts (painting, gardening, writing, singing)...our minds are still; meditating.  And it's our hearts and souls that are flowing through our hands and eyes and brains right into the world. It's our stories that we are weaving into our work. When we are engaged in creativity we become like children again...full of curiosity and excitement and squealing and gushing over things like paper, pens, paints, a word, sunlight...We get back to what Buddhists call beginners mind. And it is here that the soul just shines with radiance and grace.  It is in this place that  our souls can sing. It is here -in our creative hearts-that we can be more and no less. It requires allow our souls to be truly seen.
Creativity is really a prayer...a way for us to become a part of the Universe;  the ultimate creator. Whether it's digging our hands in moist black soil, looking through a camera lens, scrapbooking, sewing, carving wood, painting, writing...whatever creative activities we's an act of allowing our souls to shine through.It is  a way for us to reach across time and space, across all sorts of divides and just be. It is a balm that energises and keeps us alive...connected to the world around us which is-in essence-a creative world. Once we validate and give voice to all the suffering we have gone through...we heal, we create, we live from a place of authenticity and strength.  
It's the best soul medicine I know.
**Some great news I wanted to share with you!! I am currently featured in Beth Nichols "Do What You Love" can read my article here !! It took a little (okay...a lot!!) of courage to open up so much and I was quite scared but...that's what's it all about; stepping outside of our fears and boxes. I am so honored to be in the company of so many amazing women following their dreams and doing what they love.
Also...have you seen the gorgeous spread of Beth Nichols' retreat in  the premier issue of Mingle?? It is stunning!!


Kelly said...

I love this post so much that I'm printing it out and hanging it on the wall! You said it all...plain and simple. (Hope things are working out okay in your world. :))

jane said...

Amen Sister! (and I know this from personal experience...) xo

Chris Flynn said...

Good morning sweet girl... I LOVE that saying: Creativity is a Prayer! This was a beautiful post. I love the pic of Kali amidst the paints.

Good luck with your home search.
Sweet Blessings,

lisa said...

I truly enjoyed reading this post.
Thank you Soraya!

ArtPropelled said...

Creativity as prayer ..... I like that. A wonderful post Soraya and I enjoyed reading the article in the Do What You Love series and seeing all your paintings especially, Standing at the Edge of Grace.