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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

living true

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 When I was in my twenties, I didn't even think about what living authentically was! Did you? I was too busy getting by; trying to find my way...trying to find mySELF. To be quite honest, I was just trying to heal and make sense of the world and... life. I had such deep pockets of pain locked away in my heart...I was simply unable to live from a place of joy and truth. So what inevitably happened was that I was living a life based on my past; based on other people's definition of me. There was no direction or clarity of purpose...just floating around in a sea of unhappiness.
And then my thirties rolled around and I found mySELF in quite the opposite direction. I analysed everything to death!!! I thought through choices and outcomes and and and...on and on. UGH!! It was so draining let me tell you! Being stuck in righteousness is not a pretty place to be!! It really all came down to me not trusting mySELF. However, in retrospect, all important steps on my journey. authentically is bare bones simple. It all comes down to making the best choice in the moment. Not thinking about things as much as listening to my heart and intuition. I mean...of course thinking things through (!!!) but also-equally- listening to my deepest self. It all comes down to leading the very best life I being the best person (wife, mamma, artist, friend...) I can be. It comes from not wanting another person's journey in any way, shape or form but simply accepting my very own path. It means-in the very deepest sense-honouring my stories and mySELF. What does "living true" mean to you?
P.S. These are some of the stories behind my new true 


laurie said...

what a telling "road map" to your past. i do remember how difficult the twenties and thirties were in my life. i tried so hard to make everyone happy while numbing the important parts of myself. your painting is beautiful and speaks right to the heart.

jane said...

Your post spoke to me. Living true means to have a strong sense of self so that I can have the courage to make decisions that are best for me. And at long last, loving that sense of self...

Kelly said...

As always soul sister. I love this one. :)

lisa said...

This is a wonderful post Soraya!
Thank you!!