My He(ART)-Full Life

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

a few simple things...

I am really making a conscious effort to slooooow down these days. To be present to all of the joy and beauty that surrounds me, the love that radiates from my heart and the creative impulses I am immersed in. Here are a few simple things I am ever so grateful for...
* writing my morning pages. When I miss a day, I can totally feel it!
* reading poetry aloud.
* my husband...his big and deep love  for me. I certainly would not be able to do all I do with out his complete support.
*taking a deep breath when I get agitated
*our morning really allows me to focus on the moment
* practicing gratitude
*National Breast Cancer Awareness month! Twenty five years ago, there were few resources for women with breast wasn't even talked about openly. But now we have a whole month to raise awareness and money for this killer disease that I sincerely hope we can eradicate.
* photography
*Jane's plum jam (you just have to taste it!!)
* watching Tara twirl around in her Halloween princess costume. She looks so beautiful and grown up it brought me to tears.
*all the creative energy and inspiration that has been bubbling out of me these many weeks.
*this very blogging community right here; your heart and warmth is felt deeply and sincerely and I am ever so grateful for you all.
* Dr. Estes! I am currently listening to her Dangerous Old Woman audio series and...I love her...pure and simple. I am grateful for her heart and her work and her deep wild soul that she so openly shares with us.
How about you? Are there a few simple things that make your heart sing? Your spirit soar?
**P.S. If you are over 40, please go and get your mammogram; I just had mine done on Sunday. If you are under 40 and suspect something, don't feel quite right or have a strong history of the disease in your family...then please, trust your intuition and go get checked out. NOW!!


jane said...

I am very grateful that you appreciate my jam! So sweet of you to mention it...filled my heart this morning. xo jane

Meegan, Blue Moon Mama said...

What is making my heart sing right now?

Wyatt's huge beautific smile whenever he looks at me.
Nora's many out of the blue hugs & kisses.
The pure perfect love of my children.
Finding peace & connection with my husband.
Watching Joyce Meyer's Enjoying Everyday tv ministry show each morning and beginning to bring God back into my daily life.
Writing by Hand in a real journal
Going to parks

Maybe it's the change of season or maybe something deeper inside me but I'm feeling so content, comfortable and IMMERSED in my life right now. Ugh, this belongs in my own blog, lol, not in a comment at yours but you always bring out my thoughtful side :)

Sending you much love my friend!