My He(ART)-Full Life

Sunday, October 2, 2011

SELF is a poem

(SELF is a poem waiting to be told, archival prints available here!)
art is a poem
waiting to exlode    sizzle
fizz  red   dripping yellow
vermillion   cerulean   ochres
SELF is  a poem waiting to be told
seen  heard   loved
amaze me
I used to write tons of poetry when I was a teen. Some of it was really really bad!  I mean...seriously horrible!! And lots were mediocre but...there were  a few that really showed promise. But along with painting and drawing...I put all of my hopes and dreams in a box and locked it shut. I lost the key... for a long long time. But since I started blogging, journaling, writing my morning pages...I am inspired to write again. I am combining my words with my art and that  has been fostering even more writing and healing and inspiration and...And I have been feeding mySELF with so many delicious poetry feeds my soul and brings the sacred to every moment. It allows me to experience another person's a brief moment. And isn't that magical? To connect  across time and space? Soul to soul?

art is  a poem...and so are you!


jane said...

Love your self/poem reflections...for,glue, pen, poetry...lead me to my deepest heart. xo

laurie said...

so beautiful. i used to write poetry, bad poetry, as a teen but it was an important means of expression for me. i grew up but never outgrew the desire to create. now i embrace that need even when i don't understand why or feel like i "should" be doing other things.

SooZeQue said...

We need to paint a poem together. We could make up words as we blended the paints!! :} ps... Glad you're a follower!

Becca said...

Beautiful work here. Glad I stopped by. I'm following you now. Come by and say hello when you get a chance. :-)

patty said...

It all flows together... words, images, music... and it will never grow old because there are an infinite number of ways to combine them. I find writing poetry to be such a juicy form of expression, but the words have to be delivered to me... I can't seem to make it happen on my own... sometimes it frustrates me.

Kelly said...

So you. :)
I love poetry, but I can't write it. I can't get rid of the Dr. Seuss in my head.

Julie said...

Gee, you spoke to my heart ... I too was/am a writer especially in high school and college. Like you some of my writings were bad, some were dark and some were darn good. At the same time I was drawing up a storm and had great potential there. Then I went to college for Music Performance for the clarinet. All aspects of my life were gone, I had to eat, sleep and breathe the clarinet and eventually hated the one thing that I really loved (outside of visual art). I stopped all of it, I changed my focus in college and became a Sign Language Interpreting major. I graduated from college and have become a nationally certified ASL interpreter. I am lucky that I love my job, BUT I have since returned to the visual art that I once loved and am sooo enjoying this journey! I do play the clarinet again too, been playing for 20 years, it will always be apart of my life :)
I love your work, thanks for showing me that returning to a former love is possible :)