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Sunday, September 11, 2011

mixed media experiments and other stuff

I have been doing all kinds of mixed media experiments over here; learning so much and having fun! This painting I did is quite a departure from my usual style but...I really love her direct gaze; without negation or apology. Also...she looks really angry...which could be because that's exactly how I have been feeling lately about my recent post re. the gendercide against girls in India! It's okay for her to look angry isn't always meant to be pretty and lovely. Sometimes it's bold and has it's own story to tell. I also love the richness of the colors and the dramatic composition.'s what I did...I prepared my (wooden) canvas with patterned paper (gift wrap, old dictionary pages, part of toy packaging) and gesso and allowed to dry. I then used a gel transfer technique to add more dimension and imagery to the surface. I sketched in the face and used Shiva oil sticks to lay in the facial colors. I used a black Pitt brush pen to define the eyes, nose, outlines. I then used stamps to add the text (journey). I also used stamps to add a pattern to her hair. I then added acrylics and inks to the background, hair and certain parts of the face. Sorry I didn't take pics of the whole process; I meant to but completely forgot! It feels good to stretch outside of my usual parameters and try out new things. We have to give ourSELVEs permission to grow and change and break those boundaries that we so often place upon ourSELVES.

Fall is definitely in the air over here. This is Southern Ca. so our days are still hot...but the evenings are getting chilly and darkness is coming earlier and earlier every day. I for one am looking forward to things cooling down. As much as I love feels good to get out our sweaters and curl up with a good book and a cup of tea. I simply can't believe it's September already!! Where did the year go to??

I recently had an unexpected connection with someone from my very distant past. Now I don't believe in coincidences...I know that every small event is exactly as it is meant to be. It has been  a gift and I am very appreciative and grateful. Life is so full of the most amazing surprises...we never know what's just around the corner, do we?
I am announcing the winner to the print giveaway tomorrow. Tara is going to pick the winner and well, she's asleep right now! So please stop back by!

*Tara was so excited to pick out the winner of the print giveaway today! Pat H. please contact me. Thanks to everyone for your concern, heartfelt comments and for spreading the word about the gendercide in India and China. I am going to continue talking about it ; I hope you will too.


NatashaMay said...

She is gorgeous! I see you in her. :)

Wini said...

She is beautiful and has attitude, and I love her eyes! The texture and shading are also really lovely. Thanks for sharing the techniques. Its amazing to meet someone from the past. I hope you had a wonderful time catching up!! Wini xo

jane said...

I Love your new painting. She is TRUTH. x jane

Tracie said...

I love everything about her. Especially the textures/layers and the beautiful colors used for her skin tone. Very nice.

ArtPropelled said...

Like Natasha the first thing I thought is, I see Soraya. I love you're new style and though she may seem angry she has such beauty and depth. I will certainly keep talking about the gendercide against girls. It is amazing how few people I have spoken to know anything about it.
Congratulations to Pat H for winning the lucky draw.

SooZeQue said...

Lovely new face! I see hope in her eyes and a patient prayer for better things in the future, especially where India is concerned. Beautiful colors & the blending is perfect. I have a lot of posts to catch up on. Thank you for being such a wonderful champion to spread the word of the horrors against these young girls.

Meegan, Blue Moon Mama said...

I don't really see her as angry. I see someone who has been thru alot but is uncompromising and unapologetic with a strength and wisdom that comes from battling thru hard times and the knowledge that she may have a long way to go and more battles to fight. I absolutely LOVE her. She's a departure from your usual style but I love it. It shows your depth and diversity as an artist & also celebrates the diversity of women since she has a different look from your other ladies. I think she's my FAVORITE of your ladies because of her attitude, the angle you'veposed her in, the colors & the theme. For sone reason I really connect with her. She seems very alive to me.

Jacquie Williamson said...

Your painting may be an experiment, but it was a successful one. I always love the colors you choose. Can't wait to see more.