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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

painting with "theatre of the imagination"

(tonight in my studio)
I have been busy busy painting tonight. There is just something about being all rested and replenished that leads me straight to the heart of creating. I am currently listening to the audio series Theatre of the Imagination by Dr. Estes. Can I just say that she has the most beautiful voice? I mean it is sweet and mysterious, deep and absolute pleasure to listen to. This is a two volume series of oh!...I think about10-12 tapes. I am listening to them while I paint. She is a master storyteller in the age old tradition...she infuses every word with depth, breadth...nuance and life. This series tells us about our psyche...using fairy tales and archetypal psychology, poetry, life experiences and wisdom. I actually purchase this series last year but with moving etc..I just couldn't get to it. Now is the absolute perfect time, though because I am so open and receptive in a different way than I was even a few months ago.
(She Holds the Key to Knowing, mixed media on canvas)
I just love love love this woman to pieces! Am I gushing?? I have absolutely no shame in my complete and utter embracing of her work and spirit. Every word she speaks is a magical potion of unflinching truth, brilliance and understanding... poetry and wisdom. She combines her life experiences with Jungian (archetypal) psychology to give us the keys to our own knowing. She teaches us how to mend our broken pieces (we all have them) and how to be strong, fierce, vulnerable, kind, strong, loving...human. The part I am deeply deeply listening to right now is all about intuition and insight (inner sight). How our intuition can be weakened and how to retrieve and fortify it. How intuition is linked to every single aspect of our lives and she also speaks of it's relationship to creativity. Juicy good stuff and I highly highly recommend this series to everyone. Any of her work...really.
(side of wood panel)
I am using these deliciously thick wood panels that I discovered at Dick Blick. I just love how thick the sides are. And it is a bit of a different experience painting on wood as opposed to canvas. I love it!
                                                                (yesterday afternoon)
Tara has been a busy bee creating art too! We have been making a few gifts to send to a few dear, loved ones all over the world. She loves yellows and pinks, blues and greens...watercolors, acrylics, crayons, markers...everything! I just love her complete abandon and confidence. She totally inspires me and I am mindful to bring some of that fearless abandon into my work as well.
This painting right here is for her darling daddy.


NatashaMay said...

I've never heard of her but she sound interesting. Thanks for sharing this. I love the painting and your girl is right there with you. :)

Wini said...

Dear Soraya, Thank you for sharing about Dr Estes. The tapes sound incredibly inspiring! I'm delving in to Jungian psychology at the moment and this is the perfect post for me!! Great to see Tara enjoying painting too!!